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101 Buyer’s Guide for Jiu Jitsu Gi

101 Buyer’s Guide for Jiu Jitsu Gi

You must have observed the variety in the jiu jitsu gi whenever you visit the market. Even if you are a gym freak or an athlete, you always have to ponder upon the choices before getting your hands on the best gi.

Stop worrying!

Here we are going to share the detailed buyers’ guide with you so that you can easily buy the gi or bjj without sinking your heart for your money invested in it.

What Is Jiu Jitsu?

Before directly diving into the guide, let’s see what jiu jitsu is. Most of you must not be familiar with this term if you have no interest in jiu jitsu. So, the Brazilian jiu jitsu is a martial art that is more confined to the ground level as compared to the bjj, which is above the ground.

The player uses his human anatomy knowledge, principles of leverage, pressure, and angles to defeat the opponent. Primarily it focuses on kicks or strikes using close contact grappling techniques.

What Is The Gi In Jiu Jitsu?

Gi is the dress that the players put on while training or in a competition. People also wear it during their gym. This is the specific dress designed to tailor to the needs of the players. Its lightweight material and the fine stitching make the wearer to show free moves.

But, there are the players and the trainers who do not prefer the jiu jitsu in the gi. Instead, they want to go with no gi bjj.


Purchasing the appropriate bjj gi is no more a complicated decision. You can start by wearing the single weave jiujitsu gi. These are the economical and the light gis for beginners. But these regular single weaves are not long lasting. You have to replace the gi suits with the new ones. Additionally, they are super light to feel free and dissipate heat.

The second jiu jitsu gi waves are the double ones. As their name suggests, you can easily judge their appearance. They are twice in thickness and durability as compared to the single weave gi. One con about double weave gis is its long drying time. If you have only one gi, you cannot wait for it to dry as it will be air dried after taking its time. Apart from this con, these are the most comfortable and durable.

Some other weaves, including honeycomb, pearl, and gold, have ultra lightweight features like single weaves. They also last longer. Considering its high price, only committed practitioners use it as they know better about the brands and their standards.

Moreover, you may see some particular rashguards with the specific GSM label around 450 to 550. You must have thought about what does it stands for. Technically, it shows the weight and the measurement of the material itself in Grams per Square Meter. However, the lower GSM is always lighter and more comfortable despite having the same model.

Color Of The Jiu Jitsu Gi

Practitioners wear gis in different colors that allure the eyes. You, too, can buy these bjj gis in any color. But IBJJF allows only a few colors you can wear in your competition. Some formal gyms permit cool green, yellow, pink, or black colors. However, to be on the safe side, red, blue, and black is the ideal option.

These colors look traditional, as academies have single color dress codes. Also, consider the color that may complement the logo or the patch of the school or academy in which you are getting training so that it won’t seem weird when you put on your favorite gi.

The Right Size Guide

The most significant point to consider during the bjj gi purchase is the size. Not even two players are of the same body weight and size. Observing this variation, brands have launched various sizes. But still, here arises an issue of gi selection online.

Although it entirely depends upon the wearer’s choice, either they want to wear the fitted dress or the little loose one. But keep in mind that the loose uniform gives the opponent edge to grab you from your dress. Also, the tight one makes it difficult to move.

Moreover, the length of the rashguard in the gi is imperative if you want to compete or are serious about jiu jitsu training. According to some competition rules, long sleeves and legs are illegal. You should not wear too long gi pants as it can give your opponent more control over you.

Pro tip: Here is a pro tip for you. If you are perplexed about the right size or your height falls between two measurements, you should order gi in the larger size. It may save you money and time.

Jiujitsu Gi Fashion – Stylish Vs Functional 

Don’t get amazed after reading the word stylish. There are so many jiu jitsu experts having their wardrobes full of different and unique gis. It is not sufficient to perform on the mat without looking professional. The stylish attire gives you more confidence to fight back against your opponent.

There are endless options for practicing jiu jitsu gis in the market. So, it makes it indispensable for the practitioners to know the right differences between the various styles and their functional.

What if you buy the most expensive and stylish gi, which is not functional on the mat? It lowers your performance. 

Therefore, brands have launched modish uniforms for those who are more interested in showing their groomed personality to their fellows. They allow you to customize the color, weave, and some other features for little additional money. It will satisfy the fashionist athlete’s need and give them an eloquent look.

Don’t Put Yourself On Ground While Budgeting Gi

While ordering the jiu jistu gi, stick to your budget. There is no need to exceed your financial limit. Always remember that you may not have the perfect gi if it’s your first one. You will learn gradually about the jiu jitsu needs and your body requirement. However, if you have already selected the academy and enrolled in it, you can discuss it with your trainer.

Being an experienced jiu jitsu trainer and consultant, I would suggest not going with the expensive one. Especially when you have yet to learn how you will feel while getting your first training. If you want to avoid risking your gi size, you can look for a brand that offers trial sizes to understand better which one to buy.

It is a wise decision to buy the $50 gi than the $500. If you experience wear and tear in your dress, you will be comfortable purchasing another. At Kombat USA, we have kept the prices reasonable so that every user can easily afford them. What else do you expect from your brand than getting the bjj uniform with your customized logo on shirts?

From Where You Can Order The Premium Gi?

When it comes to buying jiu jitsu gi, there are multiple solutions for it. But the crucial factor that helps you in purchasing rashguards is making up your mind. Or consider your own needs for it so that you won’t be confused after coming across the vast collection of the bjj shorts. Even if you are new to jiu jitsu, you can check out your own size and the type of training you are going for.

To help the wearers, Kombat USA has customer support available 24/7 to make the buying decision easier for you. We have a skilled team that manufactures super lightweight uniforms with the finest stitching. Giving our professionals access to cutting-edge technology has enabled them to deliver the jiujitsu gi in premium quality.

Regardless of the gi type and fabric you need, we have the right gi in your budget. If you still have any questions, you can drop us your query. Our customer representative will get back to you within a short time.

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