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5 Best Neck Workout For Players To Strengthen Neck

5 Best Neck Workout For Players To Strengthen Neck

Workout is not only for the BJJ players or the boxers but also for the person looking for a muscular body. It gives strength and shape to the body. Talking about boxing or mixed martial arts requires high stamina and endurance from the players. Players go for several workouts to meet its demand, whether it be the neck workout, shoulder workout or any other. More endurance means more chance of defeating the opponent and bringing more gold and silver home.

Significance Of Neck Workout In Boxing 

There is a saying regarding boxing that it is not just the art of punching but also the skill of receiving hits. As a result, most trainers and coaches neglect the value of entire body strength. They may have an idea of the head-hitting rule but may need to know the consequences.

The KO hits not only hit your brain like jello, but they also have a significant negative influence on your neck. A knockout shot is the least unpleasant scenario you can find yourself after receiving a knockout shot.

Increases Neck Strength

No boxer wants to be hit by his opponent, but if it happens, you should be prepared and strong enough to deal with it. Unfavorable conditions can occur anytime, but professional boxers can withstand them due to their chins and neck resistance. A strong neck can help the players bear the severe hits. 

Enhanced Mobility And Flexibility

Training your neck has various specific advantages, including the ability to take a shot better and recover faster and increase general strength, punching power, flexibility, and mobility.

Training the neck does not require a large workload; training and strengthening it as much as possible is beneficial. All of the legends in boxing, such as Mike Tyson, extensively train their necks. You should also consider training like Mike Tyson’s neck workout to reach the highest levels. Strength training for body parts such as the neck is just as crucial as boxing gloves, shorts, and headgear for staying at the top of your game. A strong neck will allow you to make defensive actions like slipping and escaping more successfully and rapidly to get an advantage over your opponents.

Neck Training Workout Machines

There is no workout machine specifically designed for conditioning and strengthening the neck for boxing. Still, you can transform your workout machine into neck workout equipment. Boxers typically employ hamstring machines for neck training by modifying their use. 

Place your head under the moving component of the machine. Bend your head in the same motion you mold your hamstrings if you lie on the machine the other way. This is an inventive and one-of-a-kind method to use a hamstring machine for neck strengthening. Using a weight plate is another approach to completing the same workout.

5 Best Neck Workouts

Here we have discussed the Five neck workouts you can do to keep yourself safe from the hard-punching impacts.

Neck Crunches 

Does this sound familiar? Crunches are the most popular exercise among individuals who want to create six-pack abs since they are easy yet effective. Neck crunches are similar to conventional crunches in targeting a particular muscle area.

To perform neck crunches, lie on your back and raise your head as if performing a stomach crunch but just utilizing your neck. Maintain a flat back on the floor. Lower your neck after doing a crunch, but do not allow it to touch the ground until your set is complete. This causes the muscles to work a little more complicated, strengthening your neck.  

Head Weight Exercises 

Head weight exercises are similar to bodyweight exercises for boxing, the simplest and most effective neck exercises to build a strong neck. You can conduct head weight workouts for the neck in various ways, depending on your preferences.

You can start the exercise by lying on the back and head hanging off the surface. Bounce your head up and down from this position. When you nod your head, try to maintain your chin as near your chest as possible.

After ten repetitions, nod your head from side to side as if disagreeing with someone. Perform ten reps of each of them. 

Neck Harness 

A neck harness is a piece of equipment that straps over your neck and allows you to add weight using a chain. The weight should hang between your legs from a seated position. Move your head up and down as if agreeing with someone from this stance. 

Lie on your back with your head hanging over the table’s edge to execute a neck harness in the reverse direction. Perform them on the opposite side to strengthen your neck’s front muscles. Using lesser weights and doing more reps is preferable rather than going heavy.

Dumbbell Shrugs 

Dumbbell shrugs are one of the most popular bodybuilding exercises for developing larger traps and shoulders. Nonetheless, the group of muscles in the shoulder is also connected to the muscles in the neck and upper back. All related muscle groups, including the neck muscles, benefit from dumbbell shrugs.

All you must do is stand tall with your back straight and dumbbells by your sides. Simultaneously, elevate your shoulders, then maintain and tighten for a duration of 2-3 seconds. Slowly lower your shoulders and repeat the action from rest to squeeze, maintaining your arms straight. You need to perform 3 to 5 sets of 10 repetitions each.

Aim to lift as much weight as possible to maximize the advantages of dumbbell shrugs. Click here to read about: Best Shoulder Workouts At Home Using Dumbbells.

Neck Bridges

Take a deep breath and lie on your back to relax. Raise your head for thirty to 60 seconds to the level of your neck. Once you’ve mastered this, you may begin to integrate little circles with your head, exercising all of the muscles in your neck. This helps to increase stability. Neck bridge is a more advanced neck workout but should only be attempted if your neck is muscular.

Final Verdict 

Do not make the mistake of neglecting the importance of defensive techniques. Make your boxing defensive abilities your first goal, and spend the majority of your time learning how to avoid getting punched in the first place. It is also an excellent option to work on defensive techniques, which help escape immediately rather than knocking out. If you are going to compete in BJJ gi or boxing, it will work for both.

 Incorporating the neck workout into your boxing training routine will assist in strengthening your neck. Remember that the neck comprises many small muscles, and doing too many strength exercises might cause injury or pain. To avoid this, do neck strengthening exercises for no more than 5-10 minutes.

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