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5 Easy Ways To Clear Blood Stains Out Of Jiu Jitsu Gi

5 Easy Ways To Clear Blood Stains Out Of Jiu Jitsu Gi

Jiu Jitsu gi is a Brazilian martial art involving hand to hand grappling to fight against the opponent for self-defense. Due to the non-striking nature of jiu jitsu, there are minimum chances of getting severe injury resulting in a blood stain on the gi. Still, it can happen from time to time. After getting the blood spots on the BJJ gi, removing them from the uniform becomes the hardest task.

Under air exposure, the blood stains get darker in color and harder. The hemoglobin in the blood oxidizes in the presence of air and turns dark brown. Also, it penetrates deeper into the fabric. If you bled during an injury in BJJ training or competition, wash it as soon as possible to remove any stains. 

However, in case you cannot wash that particular stain, don’t worry. We are here to solve your problem. Read this blog until the last to learn the easiest ways to wash blood stains away from your bjj gi.

5 Ways To Remove Blood Stain

To make it easier for the jiu jitsu players to keep their gi free from blood stains, we have selected the 5 methods. These 5 ways will help you remove the most stubborn and dark stains in no time. So, it is time to take your gis out, which you have put aside as useless. Now you can wear it confidently for training.

Wash With Cold Water

If you observe fresh blood on the gi jiu jitsu, wash it with cold water. Fresh blood stains can easily remove from bjj uniforms than dried ones. Washing with water does not damage the gi fabric at all. 

Method To Wash Gi For BJJ With Water

Place gi under the tap water or shower. Make sure the water is cold enough to prevent any fabric damage. If your blood is dried, it penetrates deeper into the fabric layers, making it harder for the water to remove. The fresh stain will easily come out after placing it under water.

Use Soap Or Detergent 

You do not need to try a proper method for not much older blood stains. Washing gi bjj blood with detergents and soaps is an instant option that does not require much effort. Make sure you are using good quality soap and detergent. Cheap soaps or detergents can ruin the gi.

Method To Wash jiujitsu Gi With Soap Or Detergent

Rinse the blood-spotted gi with cold water. Apply soap gently on it. Rub it with soft hands and wash it. You can repeat this same process if required. Otherwise, rinse using cold water and place it in the air to let it try.

However, if you are using detergent, take two cups of water. Add one tablespoon of detergent and mix it well. Get a wet, clean cloth and dip it in detergent water. Using this soaked cloth, blot the stains. Never try to rub your dress. Repeat this process several times until the blood stain fades away from bjj gi. Lastly, wash it with cold water and dry it in natural air.

Try Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is always a good option for removing stains from clothes. Hydrogen peroxide works best due to its whitening property. It is less harmful to the gi as compared to chlorine bleach.

Method For Using Hydrogen Peroxide 

Wet the stained cloth using cold water. Now take ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and directly pour on to the blood spots. Let it stay for 10 minutes. Now gently blot it with another clean and wet cloth. After removing the blood stains, rinse it again with the water. Put it in the air for natural drying.

Ammonia Water Solution

The ammonia water solution is a beneficial chemical for removing stains. When the blood on the BJJ gi gets dried, removing it becomes much more difficult. Ammonia solution has the power to clean out all the blood stains, either dry or fresh one. Therefore, it is frequently recommended for washing blood spots from jiujitsu gi.

Method To Use Ammonia Solution

Take an equal amount of water and ammonia. Mix this solution thoroughly. Apply it directly on the blood stained area. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes until all solution is soaked by cloth. Take a wet and clean cloth to rub the spots. Use the same process until you get the neat uniform. At last, wash it with cold water and dry it in natural air.

Add White Vinegar In The Water

White vinegar is not much harmful to the fabric. However, full distilled vinegar can ruin the cloth material. Fresh blood can easily come off the fabric by using white vinegar. If spots have become darker, you should use strong hydrogen peroxide or ammonia ways to treat them.

Methods To Wash White Vinegar

Rinse the blood spot using cold water. After getting the uniform wet, pour a little amount of white vinegar. It is not a strong chemical, so that you can pour it directly. Let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, bloat it with a clean and wet cloth. This process should be repeated until you achieve your desired results. At last, wash it with cold water and dry it in natural air.

Preventive Measure 

There are some precautionary measures to follow while washing jiujitsu gi. First and foremost, avoid rising uniform in hot water. It can shrink the uniform and reduces its size. While using bleach, refrain from adding chlorine bleach directly to the BJJ kimonos. It is strong enough to fade color and damage fabric.

Also, never try to mix bleach with ammonia. For drying purposes, don’t take your gi under sun exposure. Last but not least, follow all the precautionary measures suggested by brands. It can increase the durability of the best gi and let you wear it multiple times.

Bottom Line 

Using the right blood stain washing method can help you get the gi perfect for wearing in training. We have discussed all the possible ways to get rid of blood spots from the gi uniforms. Trying any one of them is definitely going to work for you. So, stop worrying!

Make your bjj gi wearable without much struggle.

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