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6 Different Types Of Grappling Martial Arts

6 Different Types Of Grappling Martial Arts

Those who are more in grappling martial arts must have an idea about the different categories of grappling. Some of the players take an interest in ground fighting, while others show interest in stand-up grappling martial arts. To make it easier for athletes to choose martial arts correctly, these grappling classifications help them a lot.

Different Grappling Martial Arts

In mixed martial arts, you can see several fighting styles. However, there arises a question: which one of the grappling martial arts is best?

However, there is an array of grappling disciplines with a variety of leverage and submission techniques. Although, unlike MMA, grappling martial arts does not have kicks and punches, it is still famous in the martial art world. Now let’s explore the six different types of grappling martial arts and their fundamental principles.

Submission Grappling

Grappling involves close-quarter combat to grab, hold and seize the opponent. Grappling is the practice of controlling techniques to grab opponents using movements that give players an edge. They can force opponents into striking or awkward positions that compel them to tap and accept defeat.

However, you need to apply accurate techniques in grappling. Only grabbing the opponent using the self-defense technique is not enough. The most frequently used techniques in grappling matches are takedowns, throws, and many others. These techniques make it possible for the smaller players to defeat the bulky and pro competitors.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ is one of the most active forms of grappling in mixed martial arts. It has many mutual similarities with other grappling styles. However, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has the submission finish, which is the hallmark of jiujitsu trainers but other grappling disciplines lack it.

BJJ gi has several submission types. The major factor that makes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu distinctive is its fighting style. You can win the BJJ gi even when you are fighting on your back. One of the standard positions in BJJ is guard, which is the traditional method of fighting BJJ gi. In this technique, the player, usually on the lower side, loses the competition. However, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi offers self-defense and off-submissions, which you can perform from top to lower positions. You can win the competition by playing with your back only.

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The gi, or thick jacket, is worn by judo competitors. Fighters hold on to the neck and sleeves to perform throws and carry out submissions. In Judo, players uses throws and sweeps. To perform a throw, you cannot hold an opponent’s legs. It is strictly prohibited in Judo.

On the ground, judo fighters attempt to strike their opponent by pressing their backs against the ground or pinning them under their weight.


Russian fighters like Fedor Emelianenko and Khabib Nurmagomedov commonly practice the grappling martial art of sambo. Although it isn’t one of the more well-known grappling techniques in contemporary MMA, it is one of the most effective grappling.

Sambo offers many takedowns. Due to the variety of grappling techniques, it is challenging to defeat Sambo practitioners. Many of its takedowns are uncommon in other grappling martial arts. Sambo incorporates sweeps, submissions, and attacks, making it a full grappling art.

Sambo practitioners have an advantage over combatants who specialize in other disciplines because of their adaptability. Sambo is a powerful method of self-defense.


The Olympic Games of Ancient Greece were the first to feature wrestling. Wrestling might, however, date back older than that. Although there are many hypotheses, it is unclear how wrestling started.

Eastern European and American cultures now include wrestling. Top wrestlers belong to the United States, Russia, or Bulgaria. Wrestling has a wide variety of styles, each specific to the culture from which it emerged.

In wrestling, the main emphasis is tossing down and pinning your opponents. Takedowns call for lower- and upper-body movements and can occasionally be severe and harsh. Since wrestlers dress up in BJJ shorts, it may become difficult for you to grab them through gi.

Krav Mag

Aikido, Judo, boxing, karate, and wrestling are all combined in Krav Maga. It was developed as a type of hand-to-hand combat for selected Israeli Army personnel.

It does not allow players to pin to the ground for more than five seconds in Krav Maga. In addition, Krav Maga offers a range of escape moves when you’re in a grip on the ground and need to immobilize your opponent. The bridge, hip or shoulder throw, and single or double leg takedowns are Krav Maga-specific moves. 

Conclusive Words

After reading about the different types of grappling, you can easily distinguish between these several types. It can help you choose the grappling martial arts in which you feel you can excel and progress. The players can learn two grappling at the same time. It can increase your knowledge and hone your grappling techniques to fight against opponents with confidence. So, once you select the grappling martial art, stick to it and practice it till you accomplish your targets.

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