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ADCC Policy For Transgender Athletes In Tournaments

ADCC has announced its policy for transgender

As disclosed by the Wate portal, the ADCC has announced its policy for transgender athletes participating in ADCC competitions.

ADDC has started the statement for transgender people as follows:

“In an ongoing commitment to fostering a fair and inclusive sporting environment, ADCC has carefully considered the various perspectives and challenges associated with transgender athletes in competitive sports.

After thoughtful deliberation, ADCC has established a policy that requires athletes to register and compete in the division that aligns with their biological sex.”

They further discussed the crucial points:

“1. Biological Sex Classification: Athletes are required to register and compete in the division corresponding to their biological sex as assigned at birth.

2. No Exceptions: ADCC’s policy does not allow exceptions to the biological sex classification.

3. Enforcement: Any violation or attempt to circumvent this policy will result in severe consequences, including a lengthy suspension or possible lifetime ban from all ADCC sanctioned events.”

ADCC’s head organizer, Mo Jassim mentioned:

” This policy has been developed to uphold the principles of fair competition, and establishing clear guidelines is essential for maintaining the integrity of our sport to ensure a level playing field for our competitors.”

It is also mentioned that this policy is implemented in all the ADCC-banned events. It includes ADCC Trials, ADCC Opens and ADCC World Championship.