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ADCC Updated The Referee Training Program 

ADCC Updated The Referee Training Program

ADCC’s chief organizer, Mo Jassim, has just announced the changes he plans to implement in the existing ADCC referee training program. The organization already invests significant effort in ensuring their referees and judges are better trained than many other organizations. However, this move is commendable. A notable feature of the recent updates in the referee training program is likely to have a significant effect on the separation of the judge’s and referee’s seminars. It will focus more on their distinct roles in the match instead of trying to address both simultaneously.

Jassim has also declared his personal intention to conduct a referee seminar in Southern California in January. It is welcoming news that is undoubtedly exciting for all participants. Indeed, there could hardly be a more authoritative figure in managing an ADCC match than the chief organizer of the promotion himself. He further disclosed his plans to hire more experienced referees to manage ADCC Open events. It is a step likely to be highly valued by the competing athletes.

Impact Of ADCC Updated Referee Training Program

These are all positive changes that will enhance the quality of both refereeing and judging at ADCC events. Even though it must be noted that this was already at a consistently high standard. In any sport, there’s always a degree of human error associated with an overseeing role. But it’s evident that ADCC is making a determined effort to reduce this as much as possible. Other promotions have gained a reputation for referee mistakes and dubious decisions. Now that ADCC is hosting more smaller events than ever, it’s encouraging to see that they’re striving to uphold the high standards they’re recognized for.

ADCC revealed in a recent post on their official Instagram account that they plan to update the training program for referees and judges: