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Battling Ropes Workouts For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

The purpose of battling ropes workouts for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is to build up the body's strength. Battle ropes help fighters to always keep balance on mat.

Battling ropes, also known as heavy objects and battle ropes, are frequently used in MMA training academies. The basic purpose of using the heavy ropes for BJJ training is to build up the body’s strength and conditioning. 

The use of a battle rope is not new to the world. John Brookfield presented this in 2006. Before implementing in BJJ, it was employed in specific gyms for particular objectives. Now BJJ trainers also implement this heavy rope in their training sessions.

Dimensions Of Battle Ropes

Different lengths and thicknesses of battle ropes are present depending upon the goal you want to achieve through them. 5m, 10m, and 25m combat ropes are the typical lengths, and 25mm and 40mm are the standard thicknesses. However, there are also usable ropes in various lengths, such as 40m and 50m, as well as different weights and thicknesses in the market.

Heavy ropes offer a complete workout without the need for any equipment. Additionally, they are transportable and reasonably priced. These ropes allow easy usage as they are light in weight and do not require any electricity.

Battling Rope Handling

At first, handling these cables was not particularly easy. However, if you can control and master the battling ropes, you will get the significant perks of using them.  

The use of battle ropes benefits joints, engages all muscles, and improves heart function. They are also employed to improve grip. Rope tossing is, therefore, a particularly effective way for grapplers to build their physical power. 

Battling Ropes For BJJ

BJJ competitors employ numerous techniques to increase muscle strength, power, and flexibility. A combat rope workout is a quick approach to improving your body’s overall growth and strength.

Training with a fighting rope is just as rapid and challenging as BJJ gi itself. Battle rope exercises are an excellent way for BJJ combatants to practice swift motions. Rope exercises mimic the movements of grappling competitions. Additionally, these wires could increase the grip of BJJ practitioners.

The BJJ fighters should use different battle rope exercises if they wish to gain maximum from rope training. It is insufficient to simply stand up and create waves with ropes. You need to experiment with various cable exercises, such as slams, pulls, waves, etc.

Battle Rope Drills Beneficial For Grappler

Grapplers can use battle ropes to execute a variety of maneuvers. Here we have covered the battling rope drills you can perform to strengthen the body.

Begin With A Wave

The shoulders, arms, wrists, core, and grip of grapplers will all benefit from this combat rope technique. You can do the unilateral and bilateral battle rope waves. The steps to perform these accurately are described here. 

  • Stand straight. Bend your knees while holding the combat ropes in both hands.
  • Continue to move the ropes so that one hand extends straight to your shoulder, then straight to your knees, while the other hand waves in the other manner.
  • To create unilateral waves, both arms must move in the same direction.
  • Repeat these movements.
  • Avoid pulling or moving the rope too quickly. Otherwise, you’ll soon become exhausted.

Rope Pulls

Rope pulls are a great way to develop your grip and back muscles. Both are essential factors for BJJ competitors. The steps are described further down.

  • Place one foot in a quarter squat and hold the rope in one hand.
  • To draw the rope, flex the elbow to the side.
  • Quickly transfer the rope to the opposing hand.
  • Now alternately perform this motion with both hands.

Rope Slams

Rope slams are effective for boosting strength and endurance. A BJJ fighter will quickly learn how to slam his opponent on the mat if he can repeatedly slam the rope. The steps are described further down. 

  • Use both hands to grasp ropes.
  • Straighten your knees and raise your hands overhead.
  • As you raise and lower the rope, move your entire body.

Rope Circles

Rope circles are useful for boosting endurance, upper-body strength, and core stability. Rope circles aid wrestlers in keeping their balance on the mat. The steps are described further down.

  • Maintain your hands in front of you while holding ropes.
  • Hold a quarter squat position while standing.
  • Circularly move your hands with the ropes.

Rope Jumping Jacks

BJJ practitioners can warm up and boost their mobility by performing rope jumping jacks. The steps to follow are given below.

  • Hold the rope in your hands while standing upright with your feet together.
  • Maintain your hands by your sides.
  • Now swing heavy ropes in your hands while raising your arms overhead. 
  • Jump and spread your feet simultaneously.
  • Repeat the jump with your feet together, keeping your arms raised and lowered.

Rope Plank

To keep your core stable, try a rope plank. A grappler who uses it will never lose their equilibrium on the ground. The steps to follow are mentioned below.

  • Support your weight on one arm, your toes, and your feet.
  • Hold the rope with the opposing arm.
  • For a specified amount of time, move the arm up and down. Repeat this procedure with the opposite arm.

Benefits Of Battle Rope Exercise

Here are the six perks of using the battling rope workouts for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Involves The Entire Body

When practicing BJJ, grapplers typically train for several muscles separately and devote a lot of time to each one. With heavy ropes, you can train multiple muscles at once. Arms, legs, chests, backs, and cores build up during a battle ropes workout. 

Upper Body Strength 

BJJ fighters require a more muscular upper body to compete with their opponent in grappling competitions. Using a rope workout, they can improve their upper body, including their arms, shoulders, and abs. 

Strengthening Of Your Core

An athlete can roll on a mat without suffering injuries if their core is stronger. A grappler with a strong core can also balance on the mat and quickly escape from the opponent’s holds.

Maintain Cardiac Health 

The rope workouts ensure proper blood circulation and boost up breathing rate of grapplers. This exercise intensity raises the heart rate. The breathing exercise that grapplers use helps them maintain their cardiovascular and physical stamina.

Bilateria Balancing

With the combat ropes exercise, both arms are used. You can balance your arm’s power, strength, or coordination by doing additional battle rope training at the gym. Therefore, battle ropes aid in improving both arms’ coordination.

Improved Grip

Grapplers must put a lot of emphasis on developing solid grips. Stronger grips make it easier for grapplers to strangle their opponents tightly. Rope exercises also aid grapplers in increasing their grip.


The battle ropes workout includes the entire body without putting extra strain on the joints. These rope exercises strengthen the body, boost endurance, and improve mobility and agility. In BJJ, agility is crucial. The lower body needs to be robust for speed and quick grappling. Your thighs and knee joints benefit as well from rope tossing.

So, BJJ competitors can train well without using the equipment just by following the proper battle rope techniques!

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