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Bibiano Fernandes Has Announced His Comeback In Jiu Jitsu

Bibiano Fernandes Has Announced His Comeback In Jiu Jitsu

Bibiano Fernandes is a three-time BJJ black Belt world champion. He is considered the top light featherweight athlete. However, Fernandes shifted towards MMA mixed martial arts but still won the black belts in One Championship and Dream promotions. Now, it seems that he wants to compete in BJJ again. Recently, he gave an interview to Gracie Magazine and said:

I want to compete in BJJ again, but first I need to deal with my situation at ONE Championship.

 I haven’t fought for a year and the organization doesn’t offer a fight.

I’m waiting to finish this part of my life with ONE Championship so that I can follow a new path, taking care of my academy, perhaps fighting in the World Masters or other BJJ events.

I’m waiting to close this part of my life and turn the page.

 But I’m already turning the page without waiting for the ONE Championship.

Fernandes has been out of BJJ for a decade, still, he is well aware of the BJJ Bouts and competition:

I like watching Mica Galvão and Diogo Reis, who are also from Manaus.

 I also like Gordon Ryan, who is an athlete who is evolving a lot.

There’s a new generation that I watch in the championships and I like their forward, finishing style.

 It’s a style I’ve always liked, I’ve never liked to tie up.

Besides, their style is good for MMA too, it’s a game they can adapt to if they move to MMA in the future.