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BJJ Master Marcelo Garcia Shared Positive News About His Cancer Treatment

BJJ Master Marcelo Garcia Shared Positive News About His Cancer Treatment

After reading the post about Marcelo Gracia’s stomach cancer, his BJJ fans mourned this sad news. However, they also wished him a good, healthy life soon on Instagram. He is a BJJ coach with an exceptional career filled with outstanding achievement that includes winning four different championships under his weight category. Then, he retired at an early age and built up the renowned Marcelo Garcia Jiu-Jitsu gym in NYC.

On 9th January 2023, A BJJ legend asked his followers to keep him in their prayers. 

He was diagnosed with stomach cancer at the start of the year 2023. Marcelo Garcia requested his fans to go for a regular medical checkup.

 “Get your checkups, listen to your body, all I had was hiccups after eating, and I’m glad I went to see a doctor.”

He told his followers that his chemotherapy sessions were due in the next three months, followed by the tumor surgery. 

Positive News About His Cancer Treatment

Now, after several months, he has updated the BJJ community about his cancer treatment. Everyone was looking for the good news of his best recovery from cancer. Now, when he has followed the cancer treatment with chemo and the surgery, he shared his positive thoughts.

Marcelo Garcia continues to battle his illness with positivity and courage. He is only 40 years old and a father of two young sons. The grappling legend shared that he is about to end this treatment journey, which was challenging to fight against. He wrote:

Just a quick update, I can’t film anything right now because I have this nagging cough every time I speak, is one of the side effects of my surgery but it will go away eventually, saw the doctor today and had the best possible news, it was all dead when they removed, also it hadn’t spread to any of the lymph nodes and the chances of recurring are very slim. I still have 4 more chemos to go but I see the pathetic recovery now very clear, it will be a little longer till I can be on the mats but I’ll be back. Thank you everyone for all the support!

After sharing his disease news, he got immense love and support from all over the world. Now, he has made his fans happy by telling them that he is recovering well. He kept his followers updated during this tough time. His latest post has delighted them; they wish him a fast recovery and back to routine soon.