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Can Floyd Mayweather Read? Unveil The Hidden Facts

Can Floyd Mayweather Read? Unveil The Hidden Facts

Those who are interested in the MMA must have listened to the news in which McGregor broke the shocking fact. He stated that Floyd Mayweather cannot read. This news surprised his fans. Although it is the old news now, but still people search this to know the reality.

Conor McGregor announced this fact just before the boxing match between Mayweather and him. Upon listening to this news, fans become curious to know whether it is true or not. The most searched query was “Can Floyd Mayweather read?” A considerable debate started between the fans in which they were looking forward to the truth considering that mocking from McGregor.

Mayweather can read, but this news spread the fact that he cannot read at all. This story begins during the May-Mac Tour when Conor McGregor mocked him for being unable to read. However, this is not the case. Also, McGregor talked trash about him during the promotion of the fight.

After this incident, some renowned people posted, confirming that Mayweather cannot read. Let’s see some of those statements that supported the Conor McGregor mocking.

50 Cent Challenged Whether Mayweather To Read?

Mayweather and 50 Cent were friends. Later, things get changed. We don’t have the exact reason for falling their friendship apart. However, according to their statements, we can assume that the main reason behind it was the money. That incident occurred back in 2012. 

After more than a decade, this dispute does not end yet. Even we have no chance of their being together again in the future as well. Cent also mocked the Floyd Mayweather Jr. on social media that he could not read at all. Sticking to his statement, he challenged Mayweather to read a single page from the famous Harry Potter book. Cent stated he would donate $750,000 to a charity wherever Mayweather would suggest.

However, after seeing that post on Twitter, Floyd posted a picture with a caption read this $72,276,000.00. God Bless. This post did not clarify the answer and let the followers stay snooped.

Ronda Rousey Entered Social Media Fight Against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After the challenging post by Cent, Ronda Rousey participated in the social media war against Floyd. She directly accused him of not being capable of reading. Here, we want to clarify that Mayweather has a bad reputation for beating women outside the ring. This is an unfortunate situation, but women accused him of it multiple times.

The cold war started after Rousey beat him for the “Best Fighter.” While live on TV, she asked him,” I think how does it feel after getting beaten by a woman for once?” In response to that, Mayweather said that she could call him only if she could make 300 dollars in a single night fight.

Here, their war does not end. Rousey again challenged Floyd in an interview with the TMZ Sports. He asked Mayweather if he could read.

“I don’t know if you saw the Floyd thing, he said ‘if you make $300 million in a night you can give me a call.’ I actually did the math and given the numbers of my last fight I’m actually the highest paid UFC fighter, and I’m a woman. I think I actually make two to three times more than he does per second. When he learns to read and write, he can text me…. I’m just a little bit more efficient.”

– Ronda Rousey 

Was Conor McGregor Right?

Now, still, the question is not answered properly. This perplexing situation continued for a longer period. This cold war was already intense, and things got more heated during the promotion tour. Observing the critical condition, MMA Fighting posted on Twitter. They mentioned that the stuff between Mc Gregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. has become fierce during the press conference in Toronto.

When the Floyd Mayweather was on the stage, McGregor asked:

What are you doing here with the school bag when you cannot even read?

Conor McGregor

Now, come to the point: was the McGregor, right? Well, he was not. He ridiculed him for not reading perfectly. However, it is not the truth. He can read, not proficiently, but still, he can understand. If McGregor had said that you are a bad reader, we accept that fact. In his fight, he directly accused him of not being capable of reading.

Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. Cannot Read Properly?

The main reason for not reading well is his early left out from school. He devoted himself to boxing only. He had a passion for boxing since childhood, which he followed, leaving his studies behind. Followers also want answers for his dyslexia condition, which we cannot. You can watch his videos on YouTube where he was struggling with reading.

TMZ Sports has posted a video in which Floyd was promoting the upcoming fight. You can easily see in that video he was reading pretty cool. Who knows what was the truth behind it? Maybe it was for the sake of promotion only, or if he had memorized it before recording the video.

Final Words

Mocking someone just for reading in a public place is not a good thing. It is a more-bad case when Flyod can read. We understand that he may not read fluently, which may be due to his dyslexia. Still, there is no point in accusing him of slow reading. On the other hand, he has a bad reputation for beating the women. It may be the Karma that haunts him for his weak point.

Moreover, our brain cannot understand that someone is too wealthy and surrounded by many papers and messages but cannot read. How’s it possible? Yes! We can say that he is bad at reading but not unable to read.

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