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Detailed Overview Of AGF Tournament – American Grappling Federation

Detailed Overview Of AGF Tournament - American Grappling Federation

We often watch the AGF tournaments, whether they are no gi or gi tournaments. Every federation has its own rules and regulations for the fighters. Stay on this page if you are also interested in knowing the facts about the American Grappling Federation.

Here we are going to dive into a detailed overview of AGF Tournaments and how the federation works for its players.

American Grappling Federation

Brandon Quick and his friend Chris, both successful businesspeople, decided in 2011 to develop a BJJ tournament organization where BJJ practitioners could compete fairly. As a result, the American Grappling Federation was established in October 2011. This group welcomed practitioners of all ages and levels. AGF organizes both Gi and No Gi competitions. Previously, competitions were held in a few states, such as Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, but now European events are also being held.

The only goal of AGF’s establishment was to provide a tournament for struggling grapplers of all ages and belt levels. AGF is currently a well-known name in the BJJ community. Even prominent BJJ academies practitioners confirm the AGF’s credibility.

Tournament With A Single Elimination Round

The AGF tournament is one elimination round. A single mistake can disqualify the BJJ practitioners from competing throughout the entire division.

Killer Apps Competition

Brandon and Chris had the notion of creating an app for coordinating BJJ events. However, as the tournament scenario evolved, it became harder for them to handle apps, so in 2011, they created the American Grappling Federation.

“We soon started BJJ tournaments and called them Killer Apps Tournaments. Eventually, the app scene became saturated, not worth our time and the tournaments grew big so we had to rebrand ourselves. The American Grappling Federation was born.”

(Brandon Quick)

AGF Tournament Rule

    The scoring system is the same as the IBJJF.
  • The AGF introduced the phrase “Coach’s Challenge.” AGF tournament organizers admit the fact that mistakes can be made by anyone, including trained and talented referees.
  • In that case, the coaches receive a Coach’s Challenge bean bag. If players believe the verdict is incorrect, they toss the bean bag onto the mat, indicating that they will appeal the referee’s judgment.
  • The AGF has a pre-registration policy, meaning practitioners cannot join the tournament the day before the fight.


Following American Grappling Federation imposes penalties.

  • Any practitioner who disagrees with the referee receives a warning. If he does not heed the warning, he may face consequences.
  • A warning is issued if a practitioner purposefully dodges their opponent.
  • The consequence of stalling for more than 20 seconds is considered inactivity by the referee.
  • The referee’s verbal warning is the first penalty that accounts for a warning.
  • If there is a second penalty, the opponent receives two free points.
  • If the practitioner receives a third penalty, they are instantly disqualified from the event, and the opponent is declared the winner.

Consolation Tournaments

Consolation matches were once a major feature of AGF. These tournaments were eliminated in January 2023. When a practitioner loses a match, these matches are held so that they may compete for the third time. It felt like it was the chance for them to win the match.

Points-Only AGF Tournament

The American Grappling Federation (AGF) events are purely for points.

Match Timers

AGF tournaments have following match timings depending upon the age of the player.

    2 minutes for Tiny Kid
  • 2 minutes for little children
  • 3 minutes for children
  • 3 minutes for pre-teens
  • 3 minutes for Juniors 
  • 4 minutes for teenagers

Adult’s Time According To Their Belts 

  • 5 minutes for white belts BJJ
  • 5 minutes in blue belts
  • 6 minutes for purple belts
  • 6 minutes for a brown belt for BJJ
  • 6 minutes for black gi belt

Challenger Division

Belt Time in the challenger division is as follows:

  • 3 minutes for children

Adult, Master, Senior, and Executive got time according to the belt levels, which are:

  • 5 minutes for white belt
  • 5 minutes in blue belt
  • 6 minutes for purple belts
  • 6 minutes for brown belt
  • 6 minutes for a black belt

Standard Uniform Requirements

  • Wearing rashguards is not mandatory under the BJJ Gi.
  • Gi and Gi pants of the same color are required.
  • Patches that are 15cm above the bottom of the pant is restricted.
  • Rashguards and shorts with no pockets are compulsory for No-Gi matches.
  • Groin guards are also not permitted.

Headquarters Of The American Grappling Federation

The headquarters of the American Grappling Federation are in Texas, USA.

Tournaments Of The American Grappling Federation

The following are some of the tournaments hosted by AGF:

  • Missoula Championships in 2023
  • Corpus Christi BJJ Championships in 2023
  • Springfield BJJ Championships in 2023
  • BJJ Championships in Jacksonville, Florida by AGF
  • AGF Nationals (conducted within the United States).
  • The AGF Oklahoma State Championships (held in Oklahoma City)

No Gi Illegal Moves

AGF does not allow the following moves to players of all ages.

  • Slam  
  • Small Joint Manipulation

No Gi Illegal Moves For Kids

AGF considers the following moves as illegal for kids.

  • Jumping Guard    
  • Scissor (One Hand On Mat)     
  • >Slam  
  • Small Joint Manipulation 
  • Spinal Locks and Neck Cramps  
  • Standing or Flying Submissions 
  • Submissions Below the Waist   
  • Wristlock

Gi Illegal Techniques

Here are the illegal moves for all BJJ gi players in the AGF tournament.

  • Heel Hook
  • Reaping the Knee  
  • Scissor (One Hand On Mat)     
  • Slam  
  • Small Joint Manipulation 
  • Spinal Locks and Neck Cramps
  • Bicep Slicer (Only Purple and black belts can exhibit)
  • Calf Slicer (Black and purple belt can perform this action)

Gi And No-Gi Weight Classes





Roosterweight I

Up to 40

Up to 18.2

Roosterweight II

Up to 45

Up to 20.5

Roosterweight III

Up to 55

Up to 25

Featherweight I

Up to 65

Up to 29.5

Featherweight II

Up to 75

Up to34.1

Featherweight III

Up to 85

Up to 38.6

Lightweight I

Up to 95

Up to 43.2

Lightweight II

Up to 105

Up to 47.7

Lightweight III

Up to 115

Up to 52.3

Middleweight I

Up to 125

Up to 56.8

Middleweight II

Up to 135

Up to 61.4

Middleweight III

Up to 145

Up to 65.9

Heavyweight I

Up to 160

Up to 72.7

Heavyweight II

160.1 and up

72.8 and up

Seniors (Males)




Light Roosterweight

Up to 115

Up to 52.3


Up to 130

Up to 59.1

Light Featherweight

Up to 145

Up to 65.9


Up to 160

Up to 72.7


Up to 175

Up to 79.5


Up to 190

Up to 86.4

Medium Heavyweight

Up to 205

Up to 93.2


Up to 220

Up to 100

Super Heavyweight

Up to 235

Up to 106.8

Ultra Heavyweight

235.1 and up

106.9 and up





Light Roosterweight

Up to 105

Up to 47.7


Up to 120

Up to 54.5


Up to 135

Up to 61.4


Up to 165

Up to 75

Medium Heavyweight

Up to 180

Up to 81.8


180.1 and up

81.9 and up

Best Way To Compete In AGF Tournaments

Enrolling in one of AGF’s training academies is the optimal path to participate effectively in AGF competitions. You can start by competing in small AGF tournaments and work harder to make it to the big tournaments. You can apply for any AGF competition on their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of AGF?

The goal of the AGF is to establish a fair event for all belts and ages where they can compete and win titles.

What does Brandon have to say about public relations tours?

Branson intends to grow AGF. He chose PR Tours with the goal of visiting new destinations. In an interview, he stated that instead of sending out shirts, he wished to visit every BJJ school and roll with pupils to create awareness of AGF.

Final Words

The American Grappling Federation is a private BJJ tournament founded by two businesspersons, Brandon Quick Chris, who aim to revolutionize the way BJJ contests are conducted. Their laws and regulations are extensively stated on official websites, so practitioners are aware of them. Due to the influx of practitioners, they have also launched new events this year.

They have weight classes for practically every age group and belt level. There are also additional features, such as the Coach’s Challenge, to ensure that every fight is fair.

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