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Why Is It So Difficult To Earn BJJ Black Belts?

Why Is It So Difficult To Earn BJJ Black Belts?

Obtaining the BJJ black belt depicts the hard work and passion behind this achievement. Those who are serious about their Jiu Jitsu compete and struggle for the Black Belt in BJJ. It is not a piece of cake to get the black BJJ belt rank. Although BJJ gi training itself is challenging for the players, motivated persons can combat all the hurdles in their way of getting to a higher level.

Now let’s move forward to the main discussion. How does one become a black striped belt? What distinguishes black belts from other belt ranks? Their mindset is the most important component in making black BJJ belts stand out from the competition. A black Jiu Jitsu belt will view training and competition differently than a white belt does.

This blog covers why black belts are hard to earn and more challenging than the others.

Why Are Black Belts Significant?

We all have a question in mind “Do black belts have a special status since they belong to the people who practice BJJ with enthusiasm?” So, the simple answer is No!

They share all the common abilities and traits like other human beings. The idea that black belts are extraordinary or superhuman is not a good one. After all, they are still human and susceptible to errors like everyone else.

Being awarded a black belt in BJJ is an accomplishment since it shows how much one values the activity. Of course, they had to discover their skills and develop the discipline necessary to get their BJJ black belts.

Black belts in BJJ don’t all have a natural aptitude for the mats. Keep in mind that every BJJ black belt started as a beginner. You can also obtain a jiu jitsu black belt if you are persistent, willing to learn and practice frequently.

What Elements Affect In Earning A BJJ Black Belt?

The IBJJF and CBJJ claim that five and a half years are necessary to obtain a black belt. However, other elements also influence how quickly you can get the highest belt rank in BJJ:

  • Rate of Skill Development
  • Flexibility
  • Expertise in Techniques
  • Participation in competitions
  • Attendance in class

Some people have a faster learning curve and can master techniques in less time, earning a black belt in under five and a half years. Obtaining a black belt takes roughly ten years on average, perhaps considerably more. It truly depends upon the person’s ability to master the skills and progress.

Time Required To Acquire A Particular Belt In BJJ

Each BJJ belt has different requirements depending on the academy; therefore, there are no rules for getting them. However, the belt achievement often becomes harder as you advance through the levels. For example, the white belt might need you to learn the knee bump sweep, while the brown belt might ask you to master the berimbolo. You must have learned a specific BJJ technique or techniques appropriate for the belt rank’s level of difficulty to advance to the next belt.

Here is the minimum time required for the BJJ players to spend at a certain belt level, according to IBJJF.

  • You can get a White belt within a year when you start practicing no gi BJJ or gi.
  • Blue belt is also acquired in the first year of training and competing.             
  • Purple belt requires at least two years.
  • Brown belt needs a minimum of 1.5 years to advance to the next level.
  • A black belt should spend one year at least.

Different Methods To Learn And Excel

Compared to other martial arts, BJJ gi and no gi features challenging learning techniques. BJJ black belts can develop skill sets and strategies based on the techniques they study, even if it is practically impossible to master all of them.

It can be challenging to obtain a BJJ black belt, but you can achieve it with the proper commitment and dedication. People pro in BJJ put in long hours of practice on the mats and overcome any challenges they encountered. Anyone pursuing a black belt must endure an extended and complicated procedure. 

However, in the end, you will realize that all your efforts to gain a BJJ black belt are worth it!

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