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Easy Methods To Unshrink A Bjj Gi

Easy Methods To Unshrink A Bjj Gi

Bjj gis comes in various sizes, colors, and designs. Brands try to manufacture the gis considering the needs of every player. The high grade non, shrunk material with the micro mesh property let it last longer. 

Some players find their gi loose fitted and want to reduce the size; it is fine for them to let it shrink. The shrinking process can contract fabric to a greater extent. Every brand suggests machine wash jiu jitsu gi and then drying it in the natural air. 

However, washing with hot water and drying in the machine can have horrible results. If you have done so and looking for ways to unshrink your karate uniform, stop worrying! We are going to explore the easy way to make your gi wearable.

Why Should You Unshrink Your Gi?

Now the question pops up in the mind, why would someone shrink the gi? There may be multiple reasons for shrinking the uniform. As all the bjj gi comes in different sizes, sometimes the gi ordered online does not fit properly. Either it is small or larger than your actual size.

 Therefore, you have the option to unshrink your gi bjj to save your money, which you have invested in an expensive uniform. Sometimes, gis can be shrunk more than once to get the required size. However, it reduces the sizes two times more than the actual ones. 

The small size or the too tight uniform makes you uncomfortable and makes it difficult to roll and drill. Now it is the time to expand it and nullify the shrinking effect to a possible degree.

Let’s discuss how you can reverse the shrinking and make it easy to wear on the mat.

Things You Need To Unshrink Your BJJ GI

Once you have shrunk your gi bjj or got the smaller size, don’t go for unauthentic methods. Try to follow the trusted and labeled method for washing and unshrinking. Here are the four basic products you need during the process.

  • Fabric softener
  • Room temperature water not too hot nor too cold
  • Borax powder 
  • Hair conditioner
  • Method For Unshrinking Gi

    You can follow these seven steps for unshrinking jiujitsu gi.

    Mix Necessary Products In Water

    Take room temperature water in a tub. It is necessary to use room temperature water as cold water makes it difficult to shrink, and hot water shrinks the fabric. Now add three to four tablespoons of borax powder and hair conditioner. Mix it thoroughly until both items are dissolved.

    Soak For 30 Minutes

    Now soak your gi into the mixture and let it stay for almost 30 minutes. It is entirely up to you whether you want to soak the entire gi or the specific part.

    Squeeze The Gi To Remove A Mixture

    Right after 30 mins, take jiujitsu gi out of the tub. Squeeze the shirt to remove the extra mixture from it. Now gently pull the areas you want to expand. Stretch it to unshrink your gi.

    Wash Gi With Cold Water

    Now take cold water mixed with tide odor detergent. It does not shrink the gi bjj but can remove any odor from your uniform. Try to use fabric softener free from the bleach. The use of a softener can keep your fabric smooth and soft after pulling it gently.

    Expand Your Bjj Gi

    After washing with cold water, stretch your GI again to retain the change. Now after pulling it for the second time, it will definitely gain its normal size.

    Let It Air Dry 

    Keep your gi in the natural air or at room temperature to let it dry. Hang it straight position to prevent any wrinkles.

    Pro Tip:

    If you want to unshrink your gi, never try to use a dryer. It can unshrink your gi. Mainly dryers produce heat to dry clothes which can shrink gi again. This is beneficial for reducing the size in case you get a large size than your required one.

    Try Steam For Bjj Gi Unshrinking

    The purpose of using steam for unshrinking is to make the fabric soft. Steam helps the fabric fibers to become relaxed and more elastic. It is very simple to steam your jiu jitsu gi. Even you can hang it in the bathroom during a hot shower or use a fabric steamer. 

    Both of these ways can steam the fabric, letting you stretch the gi easily. 

    Steps For Steaming Gi

    Take hot water into a large basin or the bathtub. Now hang the gi above the tub and shut the bathroom door. It will create enough steam to soften the fibers. After 10 to 15 minutes, take it out, ensuring that your gi is still dry. 

    Start stretching gi bjj and massage the fabric to keep it warm while you are pulling. Hang it straight into the air to let it dry.

    Steam causes the fibers to relax and show more elasticity to expand. But do not try to expand it harshly, as it can tear the fibers. However, it is not possible to unshrink every jiujitsu gi using the steam method. You can use it for unshrinking to a small degree.

    Use Vinegar For Unshrinking 

    Vinegar is mainly used for unshrinking clothing. It can also help the bjj gi to restore the original size and shape. 

    Steps For Using Vinegar

    After an hour, squeeze the excess solution out of the jiu jitsu gi. Without twisting or wringing, place it on a clean towel. Roll it up to remove excess moisture. Now hang your gi straight in the air to dry.

    Take lukewarm water in the bathtub or the basin. Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to water and mix gently. Leave your gi in the solution for about 30 minutes to one hour. Start stretching the fabric while it is soaked in the solution. 

    This method is only for the gi with less degree shrinkage. It cannot nullify the effect of shrinkage for every gi.

    How Temperature Impact The Unshrinking Process?

    Temperature shows the drastic results of the unshrinking process. The high temperature shrinks the fabric fibers causing the gi to get small and tight to fit properly.

    So, it is better to keep your jiu jitsu gi away from high temperatures. That’s why most brands prohibit hot water for washing the gi. Instead of hot water, you can use cold water to make your gi fibers soft and easy to stretch so that you can expand the bjj gi gently to retain the original size.

    Moreover, keep in mind that temperature is not the only factor that affects the unshrinking process, but also several factors impact it. These factors include the condition of gi, BJJ gi age, and washing and drying methods.

    In A Nutshell 

    When you shrink your bjj gi for whatever reason, it can shrink to a greater extent making it difficult to wear. You can try the trusted methods to restore the actual size. Definitely, these methods can help you save your investment in premium Gi. 

    So, use any of the ways to reverse the shrinkage, and don’t try the dryer to dry your gi fast. Hang jiu jitsu gi straight in the natural air avoiding direct sunlight. This aids in making your bjj gi wearable to compete without any discomfort.

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