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Easy Ways To Become An Outstanding American Jiu Jitsu Player

Easy Ways To Become An Outstanding American Jiu Jitsu Player

In the beginning, the American jiu jitsu was started as self-defense techniques. However, with time it undergoes evolution to create its place as a combat sport. BJJ Jiu jitsu is one of the trending martial arts in Brazil and the United States. It is gaining immense popularity with each passing day among the public. 

Therefore, the adults, as well as the kids, have earned a name in jiu jitsu gi with their exceptional skills and outstanding moves. They show unstoppable activities on the mat while rolling on with their partners and opponents.

Observing this trend, students feel passionate about getting themselves enrolled in BJJ Jiu Jitsu gi academies. BJJ Jiu jitsu is one of the most challenging art till now. The moves and actions performed in BJJ make it harder for the players to learn. Despite the more complex training, those students with the aim of becoming professional practitioners joined these institutes to learn techniques under the supervision of American Jiu Jitsu gi trainers.

If you are also eager to become an outstanding player, we have given easy ways to accomplish your dreams.

Ways To Become An Outstanding American Jiu Jitsu Player

These are some ways to make your BJJ jiu jitsu gi journey successful. Before starting this training, keep in mind that hardships come to hone your skills and increase your patience level.

Always Be Ready To Learn Jiu Jitsu Gi Moves

American Jiu jitsu gi is not only a physical game in which players compete against each other but also a game of mental struggle. You need to know when to apply the different techniques that can make you a real BJJ competitor. 

Once you start learning BJJ techniques, leave your comfort zone at home. You will have to face the complex challenges in the academy. But, it is a part of every career. So, focus on your Brazilian jiu jitsu grappling techniques and try to learn something new that may help you excel in your profession.


Keep Patience 

The primary reason for the players to quit the BJJ is their low patience level. They don’t wait for the completion of their training. Instead, they want to become pros to achieve the next level of belts. But it is not so!

While starting your training, you must know it needs patience and agility to perform in front of an audience. You have to follow your trainers’ instructions to achieve the target. So, being a beginner, concentrate on learning the basics of American Jiu Jitsu submissions. 

Keep on practicing these fundamental skills on a daily basis. It will help you become a better version of yourself each day. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Learning New Skills

All those students who fear failing in competition or learning a new skill are less prone to achieve their targets. Don’t let your inner fear come in your goals and career of jiu jitsu gi. Failure is a part of life. It helps you to improve yourself and learn from those mistakes that kept you lagging behind others.

Moreover, white belt bjj gis students face these issues of disappointment. The whole jiujitsu training seems new and challenging when they accomplish their white belt. But after reaching the black belt, the students become confident with more developed techniques and natural flexes. Even they can efficiently perform the harder technique BJJ twister Choke.

Therefore, remember the black belt players were also white belts first. It will give you more confidence to learn and excel.

Know The Threats And Goals Of Each Technique 

While your trainer teaches bjj submission moves, memorize the exact technique. You must learn and understand the threats and goals of each action. As every action has a reaction, you must know when to apply the action and how to tackle its counter-current response. 

When you apply the technique, your opponent responds to execute the moves in one way or another. Therefore, you need to learn defensive skills as well. This is the fundamental skills that every BJJ gi student should know. 

Ask Questions From Trainer

Most of the students feel hesitation while asking questions from trainers. You don’t need to be ashamed of questioning. Trainers understand that every student has different capabilities. It is better to clear your concepts in the academy. 

Otherwise, you may feel difficulties in training and competition American jiu jitsu.Jiu jitsu players must be agile and clearly understand techniques, submissions and moves. When you don’t get the answer to your question, it gets stuck in your mind, which does not let you perform with concentration. So, it is better to clear your concepts during lectures. 

Help and Respect Others

Respect is always based on the give-and-take rule. However, respecting your trainers, seniors, and juniors makes you more respectable in their eyes. Whether you are competing against your co-fellows, it is your responsibility to respect them.

Helping others does not take your jiu jitsu gis skills and replace your rank in jiujitsu gi. Instead, support the co-fellows and others in the academy to sharpen your skills. You can offer your fellows to practice together to let them learn the skills in which you are a pro.

Consistency Leads To Success

Always stick to your goals. The first year in American Jiu Jitsu is challenging for every student. Consistency is the only key to unlocking your bjj success. You must follow a schedule and drill regularly. 

Following the schedule and sticking to the drill hours can ensure better skills to succeed in the career.American jiu jitsu demands time, dedication, motivation and consistency. No matter whether you are getting enrolled, adopt it as a hobby or a professional career. 

Keep practicing, as it is well said: Slow and steady wins the race. Even if you are not good in the beginning, it does not mean the failure ending. Interact with others to know their struggle behind the black BJJ belt

Final Verdict

Good students are always dedicated to their commitments and ready to learn. Keep in mind learning always requires hard work, consistency and discipline. Don’t be disappointed if your first American jiu jitsu session is not as successful as your expectations. 

Keep patience if you are down to earth and struggle harder to get the black belt. You will become an outstanding American Jiu Jitsu gi player to earn a name you have never dreamed about. 

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