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Effective Ways To Make Your Jiu Jitsu Gi Odorless

Effective Ways To Make Your Jiu Jitsu Gi Odorless kombatusa

Jiu jitsu gi players need to wear the gi for a longer period to roll on the mat. It can make the gi stinky, especially when you are outside on the hotter days. Neat and clean BJJ gi boosts your confidence and lets you play without distractions. It does matter how many days a week you practice; jiujitsu gi starts smelling bad after one day. So, if you are also having a problem washing and getting the smell out of it, read this blog.

Here we have dived into in-depth detail of effective ways to make your uniform odorless.

Causes Of Jiujitsu Gi Odor

Bjj gi can smell foul due to several reasons. Taking care of these factors can keep your gi fresh and odorless. Let’s see which major elements can cause gi stench.

Excessive perspiration 

The accumulation of microorganisms and perspiration from training can cause the smell in gi. Sweating while exercising causes the Gi’s fabric to absorb moisture. If the perspiration does not remove from the Gi, the bacteria will continue to thrive, giving the Gi an unappealing odor. It may lead to serious issues as the wet cloth is more prone to the proliferation of bacteria and germs.

Bjj Fabric 

The kind of fabric used to make your Gi may also contribute to the smell. Compared to natural materials like cotton or hemp, synthetic fabrics may retain smells more readily. Your bjj gi has more chances of smelling foul if made of synthetic material rather than a natural substance.

Training Frequency In A Week

The frequency and intensity of your exercises and the temperature and humidity of your training space may contribute to the formation of odor. Your Gi is more likely to require regular washing if you work out often, sweat a lot, and train in a warm, muggy climate.

It’s crucial to routinely wash your gi and take precautions to stop perspiration and germs from growing inside. 

How Can You Remove Odor From Your BJJ Gi?

Here are a few techniques for deodorizing your Gi so that you smell great and other practitioners don’t flee from you.

Wash Your Jiujitsu Gi As Soon As Possible 

You should wash your gi as soon as you finish training. Never leave your sweaty and stench-filled gi out overnight. As soon as you get home from class, wash your Gi. Your perfectly good Gi will suffer harm to its fabric fibers as well as retain the odor if it spends the whole night sitting in that perspiration.

So cleaning and air drying your Gi are dispensable to let it last longer. The scent will not disappear if you leave the wet, crushed Gi.

 Use Distilled White Vinegar To Wash

White vinegar is effective against washing karate uniforms. It removes toxic stains and makes your kimonos odor free. 

Process To Use Distilled Vinegar 

Now let’s see the methods below to know the right process to clean your Gi using vinegar:

Take cold water, and add one cup of distilled white vinegar with a 5% acidity. Put your Gi in the washer and soak it for about 30 minutes. Run a regular detergent-filled wash cycle after the soak.

Use a high-quality detergent for BJJ gi for washing to retain the fabric fibers. Avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softeners since they may leave a residue on the cloth and lessen its ability to drain moisture.

After completing the washing cycle, hang your Gi straight to dry naturally. Avoid drying clothes in a dryer since the excessive heat might ruin the fabric and make it shrink. They also leave your jiujitsu Gi with a waxy feel. Your Gi will smell clean and fresh if you wash it in vinegar to get rid of any bad odor.

Use Laundry Detergents That Eliminate Odors

You have another option of washing gi with laundry detergents. These detergents are specifically designed to target and eliminate bacteria and other odor-causing agents from fabric. Using odor-defense pods can also prevent foul smells from your premium bjj gi.

Process Of Using Detergents

Adheres to these steps to wash your Gi using an odor-removing laundry detergent.

Make sure your detergent is suitable to use with sports apparel and does not include chlorine or fabric softeners. You need to read all the instructions before using detergent. Fill in water and add a good amount of detergent to the washing machine. Add the required quantity of detergent advised for the size of your load. Now put your Gi in the washer and use the complete standard wash cycle.

After washing your stinky jiujitsu Gi, let it air dry outside by keeping it straight on hanging rods. The UV rays eliminate odors naturally. It will immediately eradicate the microorganisms that cause odors.


To permanently eradicate the germs which reside within your GI, disinfectants are a good option. They often maintain the fibers of the cloth supple and smooth.

Why Is Air Drying Vital For Removing Bjj Gi’s Odor? 

Air drying your BJJ Gi is essential for getting rid of the scent. When you air dry your Gi BJJ, you allow the fabric to breathe. It aids in evaporating any lingering moisture and inhibits the formation of germs. Since germs flourish in warm, wet situations like those found in a damp Gi, this is particularly crucial for eliminating odor.

In contrast, if you dry your Gi in a dryer, you take the risk of shrinking the fabric and wreaking any lingering stench. The fabric may shrink and damage the entire gi structure and stitching. The dryer may also encourage any germs to present inside the fabric to grow and spread, which can result in even worse scents.

Simply place your Gi on a neat cloth or drying rack in a well-ventilated place to air dry it. You should hang it in a place where it is exposed to indirect sunlight that can aid in mowing down microorganisms and removing smells. Before storing the Gi, ensure it is totally dry since any moisture left behind may encourage the growth of germs and the development of smell.

Overall, air drying is the most effective method for getting rid of your Gi’s odor and maintaining its cleanliness and freshness. Without damaging the fabric or stitching of your Gi, you can successfully prevent germs development and reduce smells by letting air flow around the cloth.

The Effects Of Wearing An Odorous Gi

Several negative effects of wearing bad odor Gi include:

Enhanced Infection Risk

A stinky Gi is sometimes a sign that the fabric is home to germs and fungus. Your chance of getting skin illnesses like ringworm, staph infections, or athlete’s foot might rise if you wear a stinky Gi.

Decreased Bjj Gi Durability 

The presence of germs in the gi can decrease its durability as these little microbes can rupture the internal fibers of the fabric. If you keep your wet gi more frequently, then you cannot let your expensive kimonos last longer.

Disgusting Odor

A stinky jiujitsu Gi may release a powerful, disagreeable stench that may be off-putting to others or distracting to the wearer. It can make it difficult to train properly, resulting in social isolation. Nobody will invite you to roll on with them. When you compete with professionals, they will usually lose so that they can get away from you.

Reduced Performance 

Gis with unpleasant smells may distract athletes and lower their performance during practice and competition. Even for you, wearing the foul Gi throughout training is challenging. Your total effectiveness can become nill.

Negative Effect On Standards For Hygiene

The BJJ community may see wearing a stinky Gi as a breach of cleanliness rules. It can result in dismissal from your training partners.

Ways To Keep Your Gi Always Fresh 

Here are the easiest five ways to keep your gi always fresh.

Wash Your Gi After Every Use

After each training session, washing your jiu jitsu Gi is the greatest method to stop it from smelling strong. Before germs accumulate and leave a bad odor, this will assist to eliminate perspiration and germs.

Use A Mild Detergent

While washing your Gi, use a mild detergent without additives and odors. Fabric damage and odor increase may result from using harsh detergents or fabric softeners.

Pre-Soak Your Gi

Prior to washing, pre-soaking your Gi in a mix of water and white vinegar is the best way for odor neutralization and microbial eradication.

Dry Your Gi By Hanging It Up Straight

Hang your Gi to dry in a well-ventilated space, ideally in the sun. However, don’t try to place your gi in direct sunlight after washing. Light UV radiations may aid in killing germs and getting rid of smells.

Properly Store Your Gi

 Keep your Gi bjj in a tidy, dry area. Avoid keeping it in a moist or humid area since doing so might encourage the development of germs and lead to new scents.


Both your health and your social relations within the BJJ community may suffer if you wear a stinky jiu-jitsu Gi. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment while training, it’s crucial to maintain good hygiene habits and take care of your Gi to keep it from becoming musty. Taking into account all those factors which make your jiujitsu gi stinky can save your gi. White vinegar, mild detergents, and baking soda can prevent microbial growth and make bjj gi shiny and fresh.

So, stop panicking and follow easy ways to smell good while you are on a mat for training and competition.

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