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Explore 5 Advantages of Jiu Jitsu For Women

Explore 5 Advantages of Jiu Jitsu For Women

Jiu jitsu is one of the martial arts which is equally effective for men and women. When we talk about jiu jitsu for women, a lot of effort and more energy than the male athlete comes to mind. However, the female Brazilian jiu jitsu gi has also made world records that astonish the mind. If you are also looking to join the jiu jitsu gym, you should get yourself enrolled at once.

Here we have explored the five advantages of jiu jitsu for women, which are the key motivation for all BJJ players.

What Is Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Using leverage and grappling techniques, smaller athletes can protect themselves in BJJ against stronger opponents. BJJ practitioners discover skill is more important than size, bulk, and strength. Brazilian jiu jitsu is regarded by women as the best sport for self-defense due to these factors. Women who train in martial arts like BJJ typically see benefits in their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

In the beginning, jiu jitsu was only specific for men players. However, now many women practice BJJ as a career, a pastime, or a method of self-defense.

Advantages Of Jiu Jitsu For Women

Now let’s learn the benefits of jiujitsu for women.

Empowerment And Self-Control

Being empowered means having the determination and perseverance to achieve one’s aims. Women BJJ gi competitors benefit from increased physical and mental strength from BJJ training. The women who practice BJJ acquire these abilities:

  • Improved self-control
  • Self-defense techniques
  • Empathy
  • Trust and faith

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows womens BJJ gi competitors to determine their dietary, physical activity, and training schedule objectives. In short, ladies who practice BJJ benefit from BJJ training by developing discipline and motivation.

More Agility 

BJJ training helps women become more active, energetic, and agile. Increased awareness gives BJJ practitioners a competitive edge in sports and makes them more prepared for potentially dangerous circumstances. Factors that determine the success in jiu jitsu training and tournaments are: 

  • Person’s ability to maintain composure under pressure
  • Activeness
  • Awareness of the upcoming dangers

Aggression Management

Combat sports are famous for their hostility, yet learning jiu-jitsu can help you learn to control your emotions in severe circumstances like fights.

Women who successfully began BJJ training benefited from the following advantages in terms of their emotional health:

  • Lessened or completely eradicated aggressive behavior 
  •  Encouraged improved emotional maturity 
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Lessened worry in stressful situations
  • decreased mood swings 
  •  Improved sleeping patterns

Women who practice BJJ gi learn how to transform their angry behavior into something constructive. It ultimately helps to improve their ability to manage their emotions effectively.

Social Assistance

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu encourages women to lead healthier lifestyles. Women’s jiujitsu can assist society in a way that nurtures lifelong partnerships. The following are some societal advantages that women might gain from BJJ training:

  • Reduces anxiety and tension
  • Enhances critical thinking, 
  • Communication abilities
  • Self-esteem.
  • Problem-solving abilities, 
  • Self-reliance 
  • Encourages social interaction

Better Self Defense 

The women training BJJ has better self defense techniques to combat the real-life situation. Although BJJ techniques are less realistic for everyday life, they still give women an edge to defend themselves perfectly. 

Female BJJ practitioners can defeat opponents twice their size by applying the right arm locks or chokeholds during submissions. They need leverage to use submissions successfully.

How Can You Handle Aggressive BJJ Sparring Partners

Even during training sessions, many sparring partners tend to attack quickly. Despite the constant barrage of kicks and punches, try not to panic. Instead, remain calm, pay attention to how your opponent moves, and use the appropriate methods to counteract aggression.

Ways To Encourage Women’s BJJ

Using the following tactics, you can promote women’s BJJ:

Friendly Environment

Women’s social connections while practicing and competing determine how far a female BJJ practitioner advances. Four factors form the foundation of a welcoming and non-authoritarian atmosphere for female BJJ practitioners:

  • Collaboration 
  •  Support
  •  Creating long-lasting connections
  • Talking about and distributing responsibility

Develop BJJ Seminars

Develop women-only training sessions and seminars and encourage more women to compete. Also, recognize the gender gap and make adjustments to make women feel confident. Participate in teaching, refereeing, and administration.

Research has demonstrated that emphasizing leadership roles in BJJ instruction increases female sports involvement.

Athletic Careers For Women In BJJ

BJJ allows many women to pursue sports careers. Female BJJ competitors can transition into coaching and training careers. They can also succeed in other contests besides jiu jitsu gi as well.

Personal Adaptation

Female BJJ competitors not only fit into the sports culture but also want to get better. In BJJ, women frequently take the initiative and actively pursue their objectives. Women in jiu jitsu may benefit from taking ownership of and taking the initiative for their personal development in the following ways:


Many women may initially feel scared or unwelcome when taking part in a combat sport that has historically seen primarily male practitioners. Female BJJ practitioners can try the following to improve their BJJ skills and match the strength of male BJJ competitors:

  • Be a good training partner 
  • Actively seek a talented partner for training

Developing Fighting Techniques

Most women worry about being mocked and mistreated by their peers; many women experience anxiety and fear of failure. Women who practice BJJ see self-improvement as their personal obligation. The following are five techniques that can aid in their talent improvement:

  • Self-study
  • Viewing and reading pertinent content
  • Seminars
  • Individualized instruction from knowledgeable teachers
  • Going to BJJ gyms

Why Should Women Train Jiu Jitsu gi?

Many women ask whether they should get BJJ training or not. So, here is the answer. Yes! You should consider jiu jitsu for women even if you do not want to pursue it as a career. There are many martial arts that are best in every way. Many martial arts, including karate and wrestling, assist women physically, emotionally, and mentally. But the following factors make BJJ the ideal martial art for women:

  • BJJ is a grappling art; it does not use striking. To defend yourself, you must use takedowns and ground maneuvers. It teaches you how to defend yourself and engage in back-breaking combat. Jiu-jitsu guard positions provide you leverage to use submissions, locks, and mounts.
  • BJJ trains women to use their knowledge of body movements rather than relying on brute force to defeat their opponents.
  • Female BJJ practitioners learn to use defensive and escape strategies in training sessions. This encourages them to continue fighting regardless of the opponent’s size or power.


Women competing in jiu jitsu are not weaker than the male players. The dedication, passion, and hard work have let the females acquire the top ranking in BJJ gi. Using the proper defensive techniques regardless of the gender and weight of the opponent motivates the females to win the jiu jitsu. Considering these advantages before choosing jiu jitsu for women can take the BJJ training and competition to the next level.

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