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Gordon Ryan And Nicky Rodriguez Go Back And Forth On Drug Testing For ADCC 2024


Gordon Ryan and Nicky Rodriguez have been privately discussing drug testing for ADCC 2024. Now, they have exposed their private conversation. These two BJJ legends have publicly expressed contrasting opinions on the use of drugs in BJJ and have previously debated over testing issues. Rodriguez initially proposed testing for Ryan, but Ryan declined to consent to USADA testing for a potential bout with him. To be fair to Ryan, he has already defeated Rodriguez twice and doesn’t stand to gain much from another victory over him.

Rodriguez Drug Testing Result

Rodriguez has previously been subjected to drug testing, and the outcomes indicated that he was ‘likely natural’ for at least one of his bouts with Ryan. Although passing this test was certainly a positive indication that Rodriguez could indeed be a natural athlete, a single test is not false. This is one of the reasons why Gordon Ryan has been urging Nicky Rodriguez to undergo more comprehensive drug testing before ADCC 2022. So, that they might potentially face each other on the mats once more. However, it seems that Rodriguez has been reluctant to consent to this unless he receives financial compensation for the time he would have to dedicate.

Private Conversation Revealed

Gordon Ryan revealed the private conversations between him and Nicky Rodriguez on his official Instagram page, where they talked about drug testing for ADCC 2024. Ryan also engaged in a heated discussion with the official B-Team Jiu-Jitsu Instagram account in the comments section:

B-Team Jiu Jitsu: This guy talks about exposing frauds; he’d hate if the truth got out about him and the people around him 😂”

Gordon Ryan:

Reddit reality and real reality are much different, Craig. Comment from your own account, coward.

B-Team Jiu Jitsu: The truth always comes out buddy, you’re f*cked 😂 Pick a country that doesn’t extradite.”

Despite Ryan’s apparent belief that Craig Jones made the comment from his team’s Instagram account, Jones responded from his personal account, showcasing his typical wit:

“Take a IQ test.”