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How Many Days Are Recommended For Bjj Training In A Week?

How Many Days Are Recommended For Bjj Training In A Week?

Jiu jitsu has become trending in recent years. Brazilian jiu jitsu is a blended martial art with physical conditioning and grappling techniques. Despite the fact that bjj training is challenging and tough to compete, it is still gaining immense popularity.

Competing and training in BJJ for the long term require commitment. It demands sacrifice for several aspects of life if you consistently take time for the bjj weekly. Here, the question arises in everyone’s mind how many days are recommended for training in a week?

There is no exact answer to this question. However, keeping several factors in mind, we can estimate the training frequency for every player. These factors include age, body fitness, experience, and training goals. 

Here we will unveil these factors in detail so that you may get a better idea about the training and goals of BJJ. After reading the entire information, you will have prepared your mind for committing to the required training days.

Goals In BJJ

Brazilian BJJ demands you set your goal before scheduling training days in a week. You need to analyze your personal goals for what you are pursuing in jiujitsu gi. A few of the common goals are listed below:

  • Competing local tournaments Achieving next level belt rank till getting a black belt
  • Winning international tournament
  • Training for self-defense
  • For body fitness and exercise
  • Having fun and entertainment 
  • Building public relations

Players usually come into play having any of these targeted goals in their minds. Although, there is a possibility of changing goals during weekly training sessions. But some of the bjj gi players stick to their goals until they accomplish them. Now it is time to set your target for the bjj journey and see how many days you need to practice daily.

Outside Life Commitments 

Life is a combination of ups and down. Once you start practicing, you will observe how your life commitments can impact your schedule. This gives you a realistic idea of how much time you can spend in jiu jitsu.

Moreover, some obligations like school and kids may dominate over your bjj training goals. Maybe in the short run, but you may need to adjust the goals and personal duties to achieve the target. Besides these mandatory jobs, your recreational activities and vacations can affect your schedule.

Well, it is a fact that your practicing sessions require sacrificing your hobbies and duties. But depending upon your priorities, you can increase or decrease your time. On the flip side, if you have leisure time, it provides a golden opportunity to stack up all your BJJ classes weekly. This loose schedule for a certain period offers an advantage to reaching new bjj milestones in a short time.

BJJ Training For Beginners

Being a beginner, you should practice atleast 2 to 3 times a week to develop a solid foundation for bjj. It builds up your strength and Stamina to compete and helps you learn the basic positions and techniques for gi bjj.

Always keep in mind bjj training is always considered challenging. You need patience and consistency to show your skills on the mat. After getting comfortable with basic grappling techniques, you can increase your days per week. However, you need to take your body’s stamina into an account and prevent over-training. It will give you fatigue rather than an edge over other beginners.

So, your training hours and days in a week truly depend upon your body fitness, age, goals, and schedule. 

Training Days Per Week

Now, let’s break down bjj goals and time requirements considering target and availability in a week.

1 Day Per Week

Training bjj only 1 day per week is not enough at all. Even if you are a beginner, it does not help build a strong gi bjj foundation. If you have a tough routine that you cannot visit the gym, you can think about 1 day a week.

Moreover, if you are pursuing bjj just for the sake of fun and entertainment, then you can schedule one day. It will not hone your skills but entertain you. You can choose the single weekend mat whenever you have spare time.

However, if you plan to excel in training and competing against opponents, you need to manage your schedule to take out time for bjj gi.

2 Days Per Week

Two times per week is a good option only for those who are interested in jiu jitsu for fun. It will improve your skill to a small extent. 

In case you are hoping for the black bjj belt, you need more days in a week for consistent practice. Two days of practice teaches basic self-defense with improved grappling skills.

3 Days Per Week

Thrice times practice in a week is somehow good for making consistent progress without sacrificing many life activities. You may get the morning, evening, or weekend bjj classes as per your comfort zone. Still, three days lack other advanced movements of BJJ.

To reach the advanced level without caring about tournament performance, 3 days per week is a decent start.

4 Days Per Week

Training four times a week is the starting point for athletes to feel difficulty in managing bjj classes. You need to practice 4 days to make consistent and substantial progress in jiu jitsu. Attending training for 4 days means taking one off in the evening and compensating for that missed class in the morning. It requires effort, especially when you belong to a juggling family.

However, 4 training sessions per week are the best pack to hone actions and techniques with confidence to compete in major tournaments.

5 Or More Bjj Practice Days Per Week

Five or more bjj practice days a week need an enormous amount of time to stick to your schedule. It is not only one hour session. It is a combination of commuting, showering, prepping, shifting gears, and much more, which consumes a lot of time. Mostly trainers and players with a high emphasis on bjj performances as a career opt for it.

This session teaches more focused techniques and heavy training. Also, exceeding 5 days gives you conditioning and strength. It may be combined with bjj or taught as individual sessions.

Furthermore, to keep yourself on track, this is hectic training for those having little time. You will have to leave many things behind once you are on the mat. Your life commitment becomes secondary, and jiu jitsu gi the primary priority.

Practicing BJJ Every day?

Let’s suppose you are free to practice bjj on a daily basis without any off. Is it a good idea in your opinion?

It is logically possible to train Bjj every day, but you may end up finding it hard to roll each session in a week. If you can plan your hard sessions and life commitments 

simultaneously, it is as good as gold for your career. You can have an edge over the others to win and show your outclass actions. 

 Ways To Optimize Bjj Training 

In a busy routine, scheduling BJJ sessions and achieving a black belt is not a piece of cake. It is the result of utmost effort, continuous practice, and patience. Maybe saying goodbye to the favorite activities. Now is the time to explore ways to optimize your bjj training frequency.

  • Create a realistic schedule 
  • Roll in with Partner 
  • Focus on quality practice than spending hours and days 
  • Assess your body needs and Stamina 
  • Cross training with others
  • Surround yourself with supportive people 
  • Enrolled in the best-concerned jiujitsu academy 
  • Excel by learning from your mistakes 

These are a few easy ways to optimize your training frequency and take your BJJ to the next level.

So, How Many Days Per Week Are Ideal?

Scheduling the jiu jitsu practice in 4 weeks is the best way to get the work and training balanced life. Getting your practice done in breaks keeps you adaptable to life activities.

Once you have targeted your goals, make a realistic schedule for the coming 4 weeks. A realistic schedule is mandatory so that you can easily meet your deadlines. No matter whether you jiu jitsu gi or no go bjj, you can split your hours to combat fights. 

Stick to your schedule. Don’t let anything divert you from your target except for any emergency. However, you should manage the missed practice in the coming days to maximize your free time. 

Take your practice as scheduled to achieve what’s on your mind for BJJ!

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