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How To Prepare For The First BJJ Class?

How To Prepare For The First BJJ Class?

What’s more exciting than getting ready for the first BJJ class? 

It is an enthralling experience you will undoubtedly enjoy, even though it is challenging to learn. It is completely fine to have mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness. If you are also enrolled in the first BJJ, read this blog until the last sentence. We will discuss everything you must do before going to your BJJ academy. 


How To Prepare For The First BJJ Class?

Here are all the easy points to follow while getting ready.

Take A Shower

Shower up before class. Attending class drenched in sweat, grime, and dirt is not a good idea if your job takes a lot of physical effort. You cannot smell pleasant at the end of the day, even if you work in an office. If your gym doesn’t offer a shower, you can wash your face, arms, and hands in the restroom sink.

File Your Toenails And Fingernails

You cannot practice jiujitsu gi if your hands or feet have long nails. Every jiu jitsu school has the common policy that you must trim your nails before starting training. Long, pointed nails can cut your opponents during grappling and spread infection. Avoid harming the other students when you begin your training.

That goes beyond simply cutting yourself and making other people uncomfortable. Any exposed wound can serve as a haven for staph and ringworm infections. Your BJJ partner can prevent you from for a longer time on a mat if they have long toenails or fingernails that could nick their skin.

What To Wear?

You’ll need to decide what to wear when you’re prepared to show up for the first session for BJJ. Brazilian jiu jitsu gear is not required for your test class. Typically, all you need are shorts, a T-shirt, or a surf rash guard. You’ll need to buy a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi if you decide that BJJ is something you want to pursue and keep practicing.

Wearing clothing with pockets, belt loops, pockets, or loose fabric should be avoided. They raise a risk because they can entrap toes and fingers while grappling. Choose the most appropriate attire to learn and excel fearlessly for your test class.

What Should You Pack In Bag?

Filling your bags with everything you’ll need for your first day of BJJ practice is crucial.

A physically demanding martial art is jiu jitsu. Before the lesson is over, you should be prepared to start sweating heavily. After a round of sparring, you’ll want to drink some water! Numerous people need to pay more attention to packing a water bottle. Therefore, you should not forget to bring your bottle with you.

The second mandatory thing you must pack is your flip-flops. When you leave your mat for whatever reason, you must put on shoes. Flip flops are very simple and easy to put on and take off. You run the danger of introducing bacteria that could infect your mats if you walk barefoot.

Basics Of Hygiene

Hygiene is crucial because BJJ is a physically demanding sport. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind during your BJJ lesson.

  • When outside the mat area, wear sandals or flip-flops.
  • If you are ill, avoid exercising.
  • If you have an open wound or skin injury, avoid exercising. 
  • Take a shower.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Cut your nails short.
  • Put on a fresh Gi and belt.

Make sure to take a shower after class. If you intend to take another lesson the following day, quickly rinse your Gi and don’t use it again.

Things To Do Before Jiu Jitsu Class

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art name emphasizing grappling and submission. You must be prepared to combat when you start BJJ. If your fitness level is low, you might find that this sport requires more physical effort than you initially anticipated. If you are focused on escaping, five-minute fights can seem like an infinite.

Warm Up

You’ll find that warm-ups for BJJ are crucial. Some gyms follow a regimen and always start with the same warm-up exercises. It could be a series of exercises, drills, or even a combination of activities that include the entire body. Specific gyms or trainers, however, favor stretching or positional rolling as a warm-up (much like wrestling practice).

Additionally, the outcome of the lesson may influence how you warm up. For instance, they might warm up by pummeling (a wrestling exercise) in classes emphasizing takedown. Be prepared to not be familiar with the sport’s rules, especially on the first day. Don’t worry about appearing weird. Try your best while keeping an open mind.

Get Ready to Feel Exhausted

One of the most physically taxing exercises you can do is grapple. Though it is simple to believe you are fit, there is no way to prepare if you have never worked out. You will experience fatigue and soreness after your first jiu jitsu lesson. You’ll feel a breathing shortage. Your body needs time to become accustomed to the routine and continuous activity. With time, you will realize it is worth your efforts.

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After warm-ups, you will get in a group with a friend and go to your mat for the first session. You’ll study a beginner’s curriculum at some BJJ schools. The following four techniques are covered in a beginner’s curriculum:

  • The guard shifts to the side of control.
  • Mounting after the side control.
  • Americana armlock for no gi jiu jitsu
  • Cross collar choke (when wearing a gi).

The Sparring Positional Aspect

The next activity is position-specific sparring, which is covered in the lessons. An excellent illustration is attempting a specific move as your partner tries to flee. If your partner successfully escapes, the situation will be reset, and you will have to try again. This continues until the timer expires.

Jiu Jitsu Has A Practice for You

Jiu jitsu can be practiced by anyone, whether they are overweight or underweight, over forty years old, or in junior high. A different way of learning would be introduced the next day if the ones you learnt in your first class weren’t appropriate for you. Black belt training often takes ten years. Don’t give up if you don’t perform well on your first try. There is always room for improving skills and excel.

The Next Class

There’s a chance you’ll get more inquiries after your initial training session. You can negotiate costs and make a timetable if you enjoyed the lesson and want to continue learning.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Any Questions

Feel free to ask your jiu jitsu instructor any questions. Jiu jitsu classes begin with a few learning days. Feel free to ask questions if you’re having problems comprehending the lessons.

The fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are covered in the first jiu jitsu class. Keep in mind that at the first session, you do not need to be an expert.

Is BJJ Simple To Learn?

Whatever your athletic prowess or learning capacity, mastering BJJ is quite challenging. BJJ is indeed complex, which is indeed why training is so gratifying.

How Much Time Will It Take To Learn BJJ?

Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt attainment can be difficult and calls for years of sacrificial effort, self-control, and commitment. In BJJ, getting a black belt might take ten to fifteen years. 

Is Home BJJ Training A Possibility?

Mastering the art of learning is the most crucial step you can take to start learning BJJ at home. One of the most lengthy and complicated martial arts is Brazilian JiuJitsu gi.

Final Words

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a unique experience that will improve your life in various ways. It is simple to become inspired by the sport. Undoubtedly, you’ll like your first class, but remember that you’ll enjoy it even more as you attend more sessions and pick up new skills. You’ll experience some of the most remarkable memories. Follow the BJJ expert’s suggestions to accomplish your dreams!!

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