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IBJJF Introduced Changes To Gi Uniform Rules Applicable From 2024

IBJJF Introduced Changes To Gi Uniform Rules Applicable From 2024

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation has declared modifications to its Gi uniform regulations. The IBJJF has consistently been highly careful regarding rules and guidelines, especially for BJJ gi uniform. The organization’s integrity is upheld by its practitioners, which has established the IBJJF as the most esteemed organization within the BJJ community.

BJJ Gi Uniform Changes From 2024

IBJJF recently declared that it will implement modifications to the Gi uniforms starting from 2024. This implies that Gi producers must comply with these regulations; otherwise, they may lag behind in the competition. IBJJF has increased the GSM (grams per square meter) range for the fabric, indicating that ultra-light Gis will no longer be permitted in the IBJJF. The official patch placement has also been altered, restricting logos and patches to the top part of the Gi pants. Patches are not allowed within the front and back of the first 15 cm from the pant leg.

The patches on the rear of the Gi pants can exceed a width of 10 cm. The Gi’s cuff length is also decreased. These regulations will be mandatory for all competitors in Gi following the 2024 IBJJF World Gi Championship.

To get more information about the BJJ gi, you can also visit the IBJJF official website. They have clearly mentioned their jiujitsu gi requirement.

Impact Of Uniform Modification On BJJ Gi Players

These modifications will negatively impact competitors as they have to purchase new GIs to qualify for competition. However, this represents a significant investment for many fighters, as not all earn a substantial income. However, these changes in uniform will be applicable from 2024. To avoid the last-time hassle, buying the new gi before it is time to roll in with confidence is a better option.

So, keep your uniform updated to show the unstoppable moves and knock your opponent out!