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Is Cauliflower Ear Dangerous For BJJ Athletes?

Is Cauliflower Ear Dangerous For BJJ Athletes?

Have you ever seen a Black Belt BJJ player with an ear deformity that may seem weird to observe at first? Those who are more interested in MMA must know how experienced grapplers sometimes have twisted ears. If you do not have an idea why their ears feel twisted, unlike normal ear outer structure, keep reading this blog.

We are going to explore cauliflower ears. The physical anomaly in the ear is known as the cauliflower ear. Whether you compete in MMA, BJJ, or wrestling, cauliflower ear is a part of the sport. It is also challenging for the pro players to prevent trauma to the ears in their Jiu Jitsu career.

So, let’s discuss what exactly is cauliflower ear and why some grapplers get it at the early BJJ belt stage. However, some black belt BJJ players do not have cauliflower ears.