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Leandro Lo – Bjj Champion Induction Into The IBJJF Hall Of Fame On His 34th Birthday 


Leandro Lo, the BJJ legendary, was murdered at the peak of his Brazilian jiu jitsu career in August 2022 at the age of 33. He was shot dead in the head over the pity minor issue, which was the most shocking news for his fans and family. Just a few months after his death, IBJJF announced his induction into the IBJJF Hall of Fame in the remark of his splendid career. This announcement has made the public pleased.

Leandro Lo’s Remarkable Achievement

Leandro Lo, under Cicero Costha, was a 1st degree BJJ Black Belt and won multiple world championships. Moreover, this great man was six times IBJJF Pans Champion and eight times IBJJF World Champion. No one can forget his services for the jiu jitsu he provided in the few years. Therefore, on his 34 Birthday on 11 May 2023, IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Foundation) has decided to pay tribute and induct Leandro Lo into the IBJJF Hall of Fame at the IBFF World Championship Ceremony 2023.

Furthermore, he won multiple championships and topped the IBJJF Charters on the day of earning his Black Belt. Even in the year 2022, in which he passed away, he won the World championship. It’s been a year since his death, but no one has still replaced him in BJJ fighting. It is believed he was the one who could be world champion again. Ah! Sadly, he had gone so early when he was expected to take his career to the next level that hardly anyone could break his record.

6 August 2022 was the unfortunate day when BJJ lost his legendary player. Henrique Velozo – an ex-military officer shot Leandro Lo in head in Sao Paulo. He was taken to the hospital immediately, but he could not survive due to the brain damage. His friends told there was a minor conflict when Leandro Lo grabbed the killer to avoid any fight. As soon as he released the ex-military officer, he directly shot Leandro Lo and fled away. Police arrested the murderer later, but it cannot replace the loss of him.

After the IBJJF induction announcement on Instagram, his friends also expressed happiness with this news. IBJJF posted this statement which is a great step to appreciate his efforts.

“We want to wish a very happy birthday to 8X World Champion, 8X Pan Champion, 2X European Champion and 3X Brasileiro Champion Leandro Lo! Lo was a titan of our sport accomplishing so much in his phenomenal career. One of the greats, winning 8 World titles in 5 different weight categories. Leandro Lo has earned his right to be amongst the rest of our legends, where he will be remembered forever. Today, we are announcing that Leandro Lo will be inducted into the IBJJF Hall of Fame at the 2023 World Championships! We miss you very much, welcome to the BJJF Hall of Fame and happy birthday to the people’s champion!”