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Orlando Sanchez: Mystery Of ADDC Champion’s Sudden Death

Orlando Sanchez: Mystery Of ADDC Champion's Sudden Death

Orlando Sanchez, a BJJ legend, passed away unexpectedly, leaving a huge irreplaceable loss in the BJJ community. The sudden death of the ADDC Champion shocked his fan and family. Still, people look for the reason behind his mysterious death. However, no one is sure whether he was shot or died naturally.

Sadly, the BJJ Black Belt under Ze Radiola Orlando Sanchez died at the age of 40. 15 December 2022 was the unfortunate day when jiu jitsu community lost its asset. He was a BJJ champion in the ultra-heavyweight division. In 2015, he won the ADCC Championship. When he attained his Black Belt in 4 years, he became one of the BJJ’s fastest Black Belt receivers.