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Adult Platinum Bjj Belts

Choose Premium Belts Black to secure the jiu jitsu gi and perform fearlessly. BJJ belts made of 100% cotton and 12 rows of stitching make…

Premium Bjj Belts

Choose Premium Belts Black to secure the jiu jitsu gi and perform fearlessly. BJJ belts made of 100% cotton and 12 rows of stitching make…

Kombat USA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Locks Jiu Jitsu Gi

KOMBAT USA has introduced adult Platinum BJJ belts and Premium BJJ belts to enhance player comfort. The jiu jitsu belts, crafted from thick material using the most recent stitching techniques, are worth every penny. They enable the player to secure their BJJ gi before the start of a match. These BJJ belts help players maintain their attire for a prolonged duration by tightly gripping the entire jiu jitsu gi used in martial arts. The material is pre-shrunk, heat resistant, machine washable, and does not require tumble drying.

The white, blue, purple, and brown belts may shrink if machine-dried. Allow it to air dry naturally for use in multiple tournaments. Use the belt appropriately and seize your opponent using your preferred move and grappling methods.

Kombat Adult Premium BJJ Belts 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an increasingly popular martial art among adults. It not only teaches self-defense techniques but also imparts crucial life skills. Kombat USA is ready to meet all the BJJ gi requirements throughout the BJJ journey on the mats with the adult platinum jiu jitsu belts. Belts are manufactured carefully with various lengths to meet every player’s requirements. 

We provide a variety of comfortable and high quality BJJ gis and premium BJJ belts. The IBJJF has a special belt ranking system for both children and adults. Following the IBJJF rules, we have manufactured the jiu jitsu belts in various colors and sizes. 

Mens Best BJJ Belts That Complement Jiu Jitsu gi

Ascending through the ranks of each belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is one of the most rewarding aspects of the journey. At Kombat USA, we manufacture BJJ belts to complement our signature jiu jitsu gis. Each belt represents a step towards realizing your ultimate potential in the BJJ art form. Understanding the importance of gis and Brazilian jiu jitsu gis, Kombat USA is selling the mens best BJJ belts. Our visually appealing BJJ belts represent the players’ level and reflect the achievement.

After dedicating the necessary effort to reach each milestone, which is earning the next belt, we provide you with one that you can wear with pride. 

BJJ Belts With Triple Reinforced Stitching

Our stitching unit is the largest, and our team produces top-notch jiujitsu belts. Our Premium Belts White are stylish and the most suitable among all the belts BJJ players use. The robust and long-lasting material ensures it lasts for an extended period without damage.

Through constant testing and meticulous focus on the international Brazilian jiu jitsu belt, we ensure our belt is durable with color that doesn’t fade. The 12 rows of stitching and the triple reinforced feature avert any structural distortion during BJJ gi matches.

Jiujitsu Belts Available In Multiple Colors And Sizes

KOMBAT USA has launched belts in a range of sizes. Providing size options to our customers allows them to choose one that fits their size and requirements. We have paid particular attention to the belt sizes, ensuring customers of all body types can find belts that won’t interfere with their jiu jitsu gi training and competition.

In addition, we’ve provided a size chart to assist wearers in choosing the correct size. The Premium Belts Blue pairs nicely with the blue gi for men, women, and children. Purchase the blue belts or any other color to secure your BJJ gi properly.

Our belts are available in a variety of colors to ensure our customers find the perfect one for them. The solid color belts are an excellent choice for coordinating with your gi outfit. Furthermore, our Premium Belts Black adds a touch of sophistication when worn with the BJJ gi.

We have blue BJJ belt, BJJ purple belt, brown BJJ belt, white jiu jitsu belt and black BJJ belts in stock. Consider these Brazilian jiu jitsu belts to completely transform your training objectives.

Free Delivery On BJJ Belts Order

You can now receive your Brazilian jiu jitsu gi belt right at your doorstep anywhere in the USA. Also, enjoy our free shipping services on purchases of every belt order. Acquire the finest BJJ belt to fasten your gi and accurately demonstrate your techniques. Place your order for BJJ belts now at +1 945 400 5001. If you have any queries regarding the jiujitsu belts, feel free to reach out at Our customer service team will get back to you promptly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About BJJ Belts

How can I determine my BJJ belt size?

The initial step in selecting the correct Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt size is to measure the circumference of your waist. Position the end of the belt at the level of your hips and wrap it around your back and front, ensuring it crosses in front of you. The belt must be long enough to tie a double knot.

Can I use my belt in BJJ?

If you can utilize the belt without the knot coming undone, then it’s entirely lawful. However, removing the knot to strangle the opponent would be a grave violation. But as long as the knot remains intact and on your uniform, it’s legal.

What does each BJJ Belt color represent?

Similar to other martial arts, BJJ belt colors indicate one’s progression from beginners to expert level. However, the color scheme is not the same across all martial arts. Specifically, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi, the levels are represented through white, blue, purple, brown, black, and finally red BJJ Belt.

What is the proper fit for a BJJ belt?

For an appropriate fit, your belt should be sufficiently long to tie but not excessively long that it hinders your movements or causes you to stumble. 

What distinguishes a BJJ blue belt from a purple belt in BJJ?

A purple belt is capable of seamlessly linking submissions, merging offensive and defensive strategies, and is proficient in the language of BJJ. A blue belt is in the process of building a robust game, mastering the basics and honing them for future use. A blue belt parallels an experienced white belt, still a beginner in the sport.

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