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Splendid Return Of Mica Galvao’s To BJJ

Splendid Return Of Mica Galvao's To BJJ

Mica Galvao, a BJJ teenager legend, was away for the last few months. His fans were missing him rolling with his opponent and the fellows. The splendid return of Mica Galvao to the BJJ has excited his fans. They are looking forward to the more worth watching performances.

He was away from the BJJ tournaments for the past few months. The reason for taking off was due to his injury and the suspension. After a year, he competed on July 29 at 2023 CBJJE Sao Paulo. This was his first official match after he got injured. It was held at the BJJ Stars 10 BJJ tournament. He won the game against Kayan Duarte in the absolute weight division. Galvao claimed his gold after winning the match with his unstoppable moves and exceptional performance on the mat. 

Moreover, he won three matches in a row without losing a single one in the heavyweight division. Galvao’s initial bout with Vinicius Souza drove him into the semi-finals. In the subsequent match, Galvao went up against Wallison Oliveira and advanced to the finals. In the tournament’s concluding round, Galvao overpowered Otavio Pinheiro, demonstrating that even after recovering from an injury, he still possesses the courage to seize victory.

Suspension From IBJJF Tournaments 

Galvao was stripped of his title as the youngest-ever BJJ champion after he tested positive for PEDs. He had previously defeated Tye Ruotolo at the 2022 IBJJF World Championship, earning him the 2022 IBJJF World Champion title. However, after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), Galvao’s IBJJF title was revoked, and he was banned from participating in any IBJJF competitions. Despite this, the champion demonstrated that his positive test was due to prescribed medications from his doctors. Galvao’s suspension commenced on July 22, 2022, meaning he is currently eligible to compete in any IBJJF competition.

MCL Injury 

During the BJJ Stars 10 event held on April 22, 2023, Galvao triumphed over Duarte in the quarterfinals through disqualification but was later defeated in the semi-finals by Fellipe Andrew. Galvao sustained an MCL injury in his bout with Duarte. An MCL, or Medial Collateral Ligament, injury involves a sudden ligament rupture in the knee joint.

“I’ve never been out for so long because of an injury and I never imagined I’d miss competing so much. I took the opportunity to sign up for four competitions in a row.”

(Mica Galvao)