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The Brutal BJJ Submission Technique – Kimura Lock

The Brutal BJJ Submission Technique – Kimura Lock

Kimura lock is one of the most often misused grappling techniques. — John Danaher, a 6th-degree black belt and a BJJ coach.

If you are the one who is interested in BJJ either as a hobby or career, you must know about the kimura lock technique. Even though Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is known as the “gentle art,” some of its submissions are brutal. The Kimura lock is one of the techniques considered the deadliest. At the white belt level, the Kimura is taught in Gi and No-Gi training, but every athlete uses it until they reach the black belt and beyond. The Kimura is one of the most reliable weapons in an athlete’s toolbox and the finest tactic for attacking submissions. Therefore, athletes always appreciate its potency.

The Kimura isolates the shoulder and elbow joints with a firm double wrist hold. The approach enables the attacker to exert excruciating pressure on his opponent’s joints. Athletes have used this simple action to take control and defeat opponents. It has turned into one of the deadliest weapons. Now it is indispensable for all athletes to learn Kimura and win the competition. 

If we say kimura lock has the power to destroy the players, it would be true. Before approaching the mat and confronting your opponent, it needs practice and learning before execution. Now let’s see what a kimura lock is and how beginners can utilize it.