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Top 10 Christmas Gifts To Present A BJJ Fighter

Top 10 Christmas Gifts To Present A BJJ Fighter

It’s that season again! Each year around this period, we receive visits from family and friends at the BJJ academies. They always inquire about the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones. This isn’t true for a single academy; it happens for every BJJ Gym.

Considering that Jiu Jitsu takes up a significant portion of our lives, it’s only natural that we’d want some mat gear for Christmas. However, it can be challenging for those unfamiliar with the sport to figure out the perfect gift.

That’s why here we have put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for Jiu Jitsu students.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts To Present A BJJ Fighter

Select from the top 10 Christmas gifts to present a BJJ fighter this year.

New Gi (Kimono)

This is an easy to think gift. The most common Christmas present for BJJ from families during the festive season is a BJJ uniform.

If the school they’re associated with provides its own Gi’s, this is likely the best option. However, some institutions mandate that students wear specific Gis/ No Gi or uniforms of certain colors. So, you can select accordingly. 

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Personal Training Sessions

This is the second most sought-after holiday present for BJJ fighters. If feasible, this is what the athlete desires the most from all the items on this list. Personal BJJ training sessions last an hour and are typically available in bundles of 1, 5, and 10.

Sessions with a leading instructor usually cost between 100 and 150/hr, with discounts for bulk purchases.

Clothing And Merchandise

For clothing and merchandise, we always recommend elite brands. They have consistently offered premium quality BJJ attire. But it’s worth comparing prices with others to ensure you get the best deal possible. You can also check out BJJ kimonos available here.