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Top 4 Reasons For Considering Bjj So Hard

Top 4 Reasons For Considering Bjj So Hard

It is a fact that BJJ training sessions are not a piece of the cake. It is challenging and complex, yet harder to continue. Most of people start their mixed martial arts or bjj training with the motivation to achieve their targets. But only a few can reach the first belt rank, and very few get their black belt.

It is not discussed to make you terrible, but it is a fact that everyone cannot complete it. There must be some causes that make it so hard for the trainers and the players.

If you have got the bjj gi training, you will easily relate the points. But, in case you are about to start the journey, you can think of all the incoming challenges towards BJJ mastery. 

Let’s unveil the top 4 reasons which let the players leave their bjj journey so early.

Test Your Ego 

 The last or maybe the most significant aspect of the Brazilian jiu jitsu bjj training is the persistent testing of your ego, from the first day of getting smashed by others to the higher bjj belt levels. The journey from being new to the high ranked grappler, you can understand your weak points. 

Also, the advanced jiu jitsu works against those who correctly understand the defense and the threatening attacks. The real ego test starts when you perform well in your advanced rank, but the other elite students grapple with you. 

Sometimes you pass the blue belt like the better but cannot control the brown or the black belt students with the same honed skills. Instead, you are swept and submitted by them. Bjj is always complex, no matter at which stage you are. Your ego testing is constant. You need to learn the attachments and the actions to embrace the art in the real way as it is.

Aerobically Challenging

Brazilian Jiu jitsu is an aerobically challenging and hard activity to perform. During the action of fighting against the opponent, you use a massive amount of energy. Your body needs energy as you try or attempt your moves at a very high speed, especially during training.

This can also be difficult as another aerobic exercise requires intense energy and stamina. You can observe similar fatigue and burns in the arm from the hand fighting, gasping for breath and exhaustion after the final bell rings before the start of the next round.

Regardless of the positive impact of aerobic activity on the body and health, it is a fact that it is a difficult job to meet aerobic requirements.

Complexity In The Bjj Actions

You can become a pro at bjj training and master the art of it by getting the proper knowledge of movements and sequences. That means having a grip on one battle technique and less on the other can still let you win the bJJ. It is an ever evolving martial art, so only a few players can claim to be the master of the BJJ. 

After getting the proper training and becoming an expert at performing specific techniques like the leg lock, you still don’t feel confident. Some bjj practitioners with complete knowledge and tactics feel perplexed about whether to continue it. This complexity of the art that makes them psychologically and mentally is another reason that bjj is harder to ace.

Physical Pain On The Pressure Points 

Apart from energy consumption, like jiu jitsu, bjj is also physically painful from the pressure and the injury. Therefore, it is mandatory for the players to put the bjj shorts or bjj gi on prevent any severe injury, especially around the neck and the head.

The full contract grappling using the different actions causes impacts on the body. With the passage of time, they may become a bruise, wounds or bursitis. Moreover, the opponent pressure during rolling may result in torso compression, which is highly painful. It feels like you are under a high weight.

 All of these injuries range from mild to high severity depending upon the conditions. Even after preventing the injury risks in Bjj competitions, you can still get physical pain, as it is inevitable in any case. However, wearing the gi bjj during the training can lessen the effect of the pressure. 

To combat all these issues, Kombat USA manufactures the premium jiu jitsu gi and no gi in with triple reinforced stitching. The consecutive 12 rows of stitching on the stress points minimizes the risk of getting injury and wear and tear for a longer period. In case you get too much pressure, the stress points with the cushioning effects save you for the time being. Visit the website to see our latest collection.

Bottom Line 

Bjj is never a game for people with faint hearts. The weaker persons should avoid bjj. Despite having all the skills for bjj, the training and learning are quite difficult as there are no shortcuts to achieving your goals without getting the discomfort and hurdles during the entire bjj journey.

But the most challenging nature of the bjj has made this martial art more rewarding than the others. So, do not indulge yourself in the shortcuts; sink yourself in the right tactics and hit your mat with your actions!

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