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Top 8 Red Flags Of A McDojo Gym

Top 8 Red Flags Of A McDojo Gym

BJJ players love to train under the supervision of pro BJJ trainers. To accomplish their dreams, they join the top class BJJ gyms. But have you ever been to the training centers that do not offer what they promote in the BJJ community about the academy?

If you have experienced this, you must know how they trap the players to join their institute. Their main motto is to earn money rather than respect. However, respect is the sole of BJJ sport.

The path to success is paved with exploited individuals when business is the goal. The BJJ community has not been exempt from the McDojo Gym impact, much like the business sector.

The term McDojo is a perfect match for these BJJ facilities. These gyms run differently from your typical Jiu Jitsu school. So, keep away from the McDojo gym by keeping an eye on the red flags.

How Do McDojo Gyms Work?

Let’s define “McDojo Gym” first before moving on. When a BJJ school’s services are of poor quality, it is designated as a McDojo. The costs of such a business are absurdly expensive despite the poor quality. Instead of educating, the teachers at a McDojo gym are more focused on business. In a BJJ gym, belts flying about without regard to actual skill level are the most frequent red flags.

Owners of McDojo gyms have a commercial and exploitative mindset. They entice individuals into a world of false promises by taking advantage of their lack of background information and their passion for BJJ. You should understand that they do have regular courses and even curricula. But neither their content nor their method of instruction has anything to do with BJJ. Another significant problem in the community is that many persons in charge of these clubs are fake BJJ black belts.

McDojo gyms’ administration follows the tried-and-true model of 1990s Karate and Taekwondo gyms. As soon as these martial arts gained popularity, McDojo gyms began to spring up. It lowered the students’ skills and the gyms’ standards. By doing this, they kill the spirit of the work rather than maintaining its worth and transforming it into a for-profit enterprise. They use the sport’s popularity to recruit pupils aggressively and sell as many products as possible.

Red Flags Of McDojo Gyms

How can you tell whether you belong to a McDojo gym? Don’t worry; despite their best attempts, the owners of McDojo gyms can’t avoid confirming signs. Even though they may be extremely good at concealing them, you can find them if you know what to look for. Check out our top 8 list of red flags, and if your current gym exhibits any of them, be sure to leave immediately.

Doubtful Lineage

Do you know the actual ancestry of the gym instructor? Lineages are significant in BJJ, and most individuals are immensely proud of them. Larger groups that belong to schools are often prominently exhibited in the gym. A qualified teacher is required at all schools, including those without any larger associations. In BJJ, it is pretty simple to verify the lineage. Therefore, be careful to find out the instructor’s lineage.

You may be at a McDojo gym if your teacher gives indirect responses and unclear information about their heritage.

The Teacher Fails to Roll

You might fall prey to a McDojo gym owner if your teacher does not roll with pupils even if you are not hurt. BJJ is quite strenuous on the body. Thus, teachers may be recovering from a few wounds. Although they have the freedom to choose who they roll with, instructors do not have the option of not rolling, certainly not in BJJ.

High Price Points And Agreements

Are you compelled to sign a lengthy contract with a lot of unjustifiable clauses? In such a case, be cautious of the McDojo effect. Some legitimate institutions need students to sign contracts, but they’re straightforward and easy.

The price range is another significant factor. Are the prices constantly fluctuating and insanely inflated? Does joining a certain gym come with a price tag for everything? Pricey memberships are a huge red flag for a McDojo gym.

Promotional Principles In McDojo Gym

How many years have pupils obtained belt promotions? Existing BJJ players who get many belts each year? If this is the case, the population of players connected to a gym most likely lacks any actual quality. If belts can be purchased without consideration for the time needed to acquire a reasonable level of knowledge, then the school is not what it claims to be. Additionally, if earning a stripe has a cost, change your BJJ academy immediately.

Inconsistencies in Q&A

When students ask questions from the instructor, the replies should be thorough and accurate. Additionally, they need to be comparable in context each time another person poses an identical question. Any response that doesn’t make sense ought to immediately arouse doubt. In a similar vein, wildly divergent responses to the same question are a stronger signal. Do you still need clarification? You can be sure if the teacher avoids answering questions and gives evasive responses. Indeed, a McDojo gym, that is.

Cult-like Environment

Does the gym where you work out seem like a cult? Run away if the owner or teacher expects his students to have a cult-like devotion. Run away quickly. There is a tremendous difference between devoted followers and devoted pupils. Unless you are specifically wanting to join a McDojo, be sure you are a part of the former.

False Claims 

This one never fails to amuse. It is the biggest red flag. A BJJ instructor who doesn’t roll yet boasts of a strong winning history shouldn’t be believed. Furthermore, avoid them if this stellar track record cannot be verified. Once you join the academy, you can quickly feel about the false claims. If you are getting red flags about false claims, you should avoid McDojo Gym. 

Expertise In Defense

Does your teacher consider themselves an authority in self-defense? Are they both pro grapplers and a master of many combat arts? Genuine individuals with these powers are uncommon and ancient. Leave immediately if a young man who even avoids rolling begins to preach about his experience with self-defense. If you want to be secure, go for a legitimate school. A McDojo is skilled exclusively in one activity: stealing your money.

All of the above-mentioned red flags can help you identify the McDojo gyms. Leave that instantly once you realize it is not the actual BJJ training institute. You don’t need to think twice as they can ruin your career badly.

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