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Top 8 Red Flags Of A McDojo Gym

Top 8 Red Flags Of A McDojo Gym

BJJ players love to train under the supervision of pro BJJ trainers. To accomplish their dreams, they join the top class BJJ gyms. But have you ever been to the training centers that do not offer what they promote in the BJJ community about the academy?

If you have experienced this, you must know how they trap the players to join their institute. Their main motto is to earn money rather than respect. However, respect is the sole of BJJ sport.

The path to success is paved with exploited individuals when business is the goal. The BJJ community has not been exempt from the McDojo Gym impact, much like the business sector.

The term McDojo is a perfect match for these BJJ facilities. These gyms run differently from your typical Jiu Jitsu school. So, keep away from the McDojo gym by keeping an eye on the red flags.