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What Is Belt Whipping Or The BJJ Gauntlet?

What Is Belt Whipping Or The BJJ Gauntlet?

Getting the higher ranked belt is every player’s dream. When someone enters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and pursues it as a career, his goal is advancing the belt and ultimately achieving a BJJ Black belt. No doubt, it is the reward of hard work, passion and dedication. Jiu Jitsu players experience a sense of success and recognition as a result. 

After a belt promotion, it’s a ritual for fellows to whip the promoted players with their belts in the BJJ gauntlet or belt whipping. After the belt promotion, the pupils align themselves in two rows facing each other. The individual who has been promoted moves slowly as their fellow “whip” them on the back with Bjj belts. Jiu jitsu culture includes belt whipping as its part.