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Which Cardio Workouts Are Best For BJJ?

Which Cardio Workouts Are Best For BJJ?

Most of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players look forward to the best cardio workout for BJJ. It not only builds up muscle but also increases the endurance level of players. When the body’s muscles remain active during a longer time period of activity, it automatically increases the heartbeat and the breathing rate. Therefore, it is not possible for everyone to meet the muscular need for the consumption of oxygen. It may lead to a low supply of oxygen and dehydration. To avoid this critical situation while you roll on the BJJ mat, cardio workouts help a lot. Practicing cardio exercise on a regular basis boosts stamina, metabolism and heart rate, allowing Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners to maintain their strength and take deep breaths.

Now it is the time to dive into the different types of exercises that work best. 

Different Cardio Exercises For BJJ

People engage in various aerobic exercises to maintain healthy body weight and improve their fitness. A variety of BJJ cardio exercises may be performed to increase the player’s performance and technical intensity. If you practice BJJ, you’ve probably felt the intense, nerve-racking intensity of grappling. An opponent who knows how to flee instantly and employs the proper grappling strategies can easily defeat a player in a game. 

A BJJ fighter should practice aerobic exercise to increase intensity and achieve excellent muscle memory. The BJJ fighter gets ready for powerful and swift grappling movements through cardio. The amount of oxygen in the blood circulation and breathing patterns affect a grappler’s recovery capacity. Here are a few different categories of aerobic exercises for BJJ. It includes cardio with equipment and without equipment.

Cardio Exercise Without Equipment

BJJ fighters may start doing cardio without any equipment if they want to train hard but are unable to attend a conventional gym for any reason.


Running is a crucial part of a cardio workout without equipment. Running uses the muscles in the arms, legs, and hips and increases breathing limitations by demanding the body spend more energy for blood circulation. Running increases heart rate and is an aerobic exercise.

How To Maintain A Straight Back And An Elevated Head?

  • To protect your feet on a longer run, use appropriate footwear and joggers.
  • Before running, get a little warmed up.
  • Run for at least 30 minutes every day.

Frequency: At least once every 30 minutes.

Calories Burn: 80 to 140 calories are burnt every mile.

Heart Rate: 179 average bpm rise in heart rate


This workout focuses mostly on aerobic exercise, which increases your heart rate when you cycle quickly and continuously. It also activates the lungs, which results in an inflated breath. Cycling increases heartbeat and increases heart rate. Cycling helps you inflate your breath more fully. It also lowers your risk of cardiac disease if you have a cardiac condition. In BJJ, your opponent will frequently attempt to knock you out by putting you in an exhausting position, such as knee on mount or knee on belly. The ability to control breath inflation allows you to avoid the knee mount, change to a side mount or guard pass, and take up a more favorable position.

Ways To Perform

  • Make yourself comfortable while cycling, and use safety equipment to prevent injuries such as a helmet.
  • Keep your shoulders below your ears so that you can see well into oncoming vehicles.
  • While cycling, bend your elbows and upper body.
  • When pedaling, keep your knees from bending to the side. Maintain your riding for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

Frequency Two or three days every week, on average.

Calories Burn:298 calories are burned each minute.

Heart Rate:200 average bpm rise in heart rate

Rope For Jumping

The entire body is engaged at once during this workout. Jumping rope builds muscle power, burns calories, and after practice, prepares your body ready for the exhausting fights and grappling situations in BJJ. It is a rigorous and active exercise that quickly pumps blood and helps the body compete for breathing difficulties. 

However, breathing problems can improve with consistent, everyday exercise. Increase the number of manual sets gradually, and be ready to armbar, Americana, or kimura your opponent.

Ways To Perform 

  • Hold the rope firmly with both hands, keeping one hand straight at about hip height.
  • When the rope is close to your feet, rotate your wrist to make a swing with it.
  • Continue in this manner until your set is finished.

Frequency: 3 times a week for 8 minutes each.

Calories Burn: 15 to 20 calories per minute are burned.

Heart Rate: Heartbeats per minute rise from 126 to 153.

Machine Exercises For Cardio 

Always keep in mind that your body is designed to move in every position for the tough competition in BJJ fights. The mechanical equipment in a cardio workout for BJJ is also very significant. If the half guard is attacking you and you are skilled in shrimp movements. It may help you to put your adversary in a turtle position and quickly shift the situation to give you an edge. You should do cardiac exercises and quick footwork to prepare for this active jiu jitsu movement. The BJJ competitors perform equipment aerobic exercises to increase their heart rates and breath inflation during competition. Here are some cardio exercises using technology that helps build stronger leg muscles.


Cardiovascular training is provided via the treadmill workout, which may raise the heart rate. The treadmill is well-liked for cardio workouts since it can keep the heart rate constant throughout the exercise. The calorie burn rate and heart rate are displayed on the treadmill’s screen. The BJJ competitors can monitor and assess their development on the screen.

Ways To Do It

  • Adjust the treadmill’s speed to suit your needs. Start by going for a walk to warm up.
  • Exercise for one minute at 2 to 3 mph.
  • Increase the speed gradually to raise your heart rate.
  • Repeat this procedure six to ten times.

Frequency: 150 minutes

Calories Burn: 150 to 200 calories are burnt each hour.

Increase In Heart Rate: 60% to 75% every two minutes


Airdyne workouts are so intense that they can instantly raise heart rate above the base rate. It is a fantastic strategy to boost aerobic energy or endurance and burn fat. Your breathing will expand due to the harder exercise, increasing your cardiovascular training. It is the ideal BJJ combat sports training workout, encouraging you to spend more time on the mat.

Ways To Perform: 

Begin the exercise by using your arms just for 30 seconds.

  • Take a two-minute break before beginning with just your legs for 30 seconds.
  • Begin this exercise slowly and steadily using your arms and legs.
  • To improve your Jiu Jitsu results, repeat and complete two to three sets.

Frequency: 7 mph

Increase In Heartbeat: 93 to 150 per minute

Calories Burn: 75 per minute


Rowing is the perfect exercise for a BJJ player looking for effective cardio training that does not include drilling. A rowing session is ideal when BJJ practitioners are too tired or unable to spend additional time on the mat. In a BJJ gi match, grappling and choking tactics are used to test your stamina and opponent. Rowing is a conditioning method to train the upper body and legs to maintain a fight and perform better in BJJ fights. This includes pressure adaptation for the entire body. An excellent cardiovascular workout that strengthens the primary hip muscle and the legs and helps you hold your opponent off longer on the mats.

Making oneself comfortable on the rowing machine is how you proceed.

Ways To Perform 

  • Pull your lower body back first, then extend your hands toward your chest.
  • Give up control of your body to return to starting position.
  • Repetition in 2-3 sets will improve outcomes.

Frequency: Every 30 minutes

Calories Burn:300 calories are consumed each hour.

Increase in heart rate: 85 per minute


Top Five Cardio Exercises For BJJ Training

Here are the top 5 cardio excercises for BJJ training.

Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers use compound exercises to work numerous muscles at once. In other words, this exercise program focuses on strengthening the shoulders, hips, and leg joints. The optimum cardiovascular conditioning for maintaining your attacking position during a fighting session comes from this type of energizing activity. It cannot be acquired without instruction or a committed exercise schedule. Start mountain climber cardio for particular drillings as soon as possible. 

Using mats may also enhance your BJJ training. Most fighters attempt to spend a large amount of time practicing their techniques. It is a crucial exercise for developing grip strength and wrestling with the legs. Over time, mountain climber cardio for BJJ has gained popularity. It is a form of cardiovascular workout with elements of the fighting regimen’s rigor.


Sprinting is the aerobic exercise that is most frequently performed, especially for sports like BJJ fights, where the competition is quite intense. The BJJ player must sprint for high intensity and then jog for low intensity if he has the right running shoes and space to run in. This cardio training increases flexibility and strengthens the leg muscles necessary for a BJJ bout.


Swimming is a vigorous cardio workout activity that works for the entire body. It is a comprehensive physical movement program in addition to a more coordinated pattern for cardio. While keeping the heart rate constant strengthens the muscles in the arms, legs, and shoulders. Your exercise routine might benefit greatly from the BJJ cardio training. 

You will learn to maintain composure and concentration throughout a difficult grappling match. It can be utilized to exercise physically, practice meditation, and train breath inflating methods to aid BJJ training. The swimmer uses every muscle to move their body through the water. The general muscles that the BJJ players need to change positions are strengthened during this exercise.


Pushup drills are extremely tough for BJJ practitioners and students, helping them to strengthen their forearms and grip. Grabbing, sweeping, rolling, and pulling are frequently used in BJJ. Push ups improve the upper body’s power and strength. Pushups and pull ups are high-intensity exercises that exhaust the body and cause significant calorie burn. It enables a player to increase their fighting strength and cardiovascular fitness. Not only for BJJ training but for life in general, a strong base is essential. Push-ups help players retain their core stability and powerful abdominals, which improve their grasping, hooking, and pushing strength.


Exercises With A Sandbag For Cardio Endurance

This fantastic cardiac exercise increases the muscles’ endurance and stamina. With each practice action, the sandbag implies an unstable weight that makes your body work harder. These unbalanced actions copy the grappling technique that an opponent will make in BJJ. The players must lift and carry the heavy loads for the longest possible duration during the workout practice, though there may be changes to the durations. The dynamic weights put a lot of physical strain on the body, just like the opponent’s grappling does.

Select The Best Cardio Workouts For You

Choosing the cardio method for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that will benefit you the most in BJJ fights is crucial. Depending on your joint and muscle health, choose the cardio exercise. 

Remember to select a method that is comfortable for your body and mind. A successful BJJ practitioner needs to be physically fit. Otherwise, you would consistently tap out, making winning any round in the competition impossible. The aerobic training must be repeated and practiced by the jiujitsu practitioner in order to advance.

 Keep your morale high in BJJ gi, practice cardio workouts regularly and make your jiu jitsu journey successful.

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