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Which One Is More Effective Fighting Style? Wrestling Vs BJJ

Which One Is More Effective Fighting Style? Wrestling Vs BJJ

When people start taking an interest in several martial arts, they try to discover the key differences between them. It takes a lot of effort to indulge in the deep research of wrestling vs. BJJ. Which fighting style is superior or more effective is a frequently asked question. However, still, many BJJ practitioners have different notions about it. You cannot get the definitive answer to this argument. A detailed overview of BJJ and wrestling can help you select the one.

Wrestling Vs. BJJ

It is a common observation that people get confused with wrestling and BJJ techniques and approaches. However, both still possess separate origins, ideologies, legacies, and fighting styles. Wrestling was the first sport practiced in prehistoric times, while BJJ has been practiced for 100 years.

Still, BJJ and wrestling share a common fighting ancestor. BJJ is all about using maneuvers to quickly knock the opponent to the ground while utilizing submission methods. In contrast, wrestling employs forceful techniques to overwhelm and pressure the opposition.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ has grown to be one of the most well-liked martial arts styles and has recently been utilized in several grappling sports competitions, including (Gi and No-Gi), MMA, and self-defense contests. It is regarded as the most successful and lucrative style of MMA, emphasizing ground fighting while employing various chokes and joint and neck locks to finish off opponents. People of all ages and backgrounds are taking up BJJ training faster. It has gained acceptance as a sport or recreational activity, a form of self-defense, a stress reliever, and a physical and mental rehabilitation method. Therefore, developing these fighting techniques provides you the chance to defend yourself regardless of the gender, size, age, or strength of your adversary. BJJ gi can help you develop self-confidence, self-esteem, focus, attention, mental health, and physical fitness and teach you various fighting techniques.


Wrestling is less adaptive than BJJ. Wrestlers typically focus on building up their physical strength and lean body, making their training more challenging and intense. The wrestlers need to exert a lot of physical force to get an advantageous position and apply pressure to win the match.

There are various ways to play wrestling, including Greco-Roman, Freestyle, Folk, Catch, and Submission. Wrestling nurtures character development, instills resilience, willpower, and self-preservation, and increases physical strength and muscle size. The wrestling community is highly disciplined and upholds ethical workplace practices. According to culture and long-standing traditions, we can find slightly different modifications and procedures in other countries.

Origin And Background


Jiu jitsu is derived from Japanese, which means “gentle art” in English. Mitsyuo Maeda taught Carlos Gracie how to perform it in 1917, and the Gracie family continued to practice it after that. Maeda introduced several cutting-edge techniques to gi BJJ from Japanese Judo to Kodokan. 

The Gracie family transformed This old fighting method into a well-organized martial art with a specific curriculum and ideals. In the 1990s, the official BJJ Championship took place.

In the 1920s through the 1940s, it received a lot of attention. BJJ was exclusively practiced in Brazil before the 1990s. The World BJJ Championship, WNO, Pan BJJ Championship, and European Open BJJ Championship are just a few of the tournaments. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation organizes these tournaments globally these days.


One of the first combat sports for fun is wrestling. Approximately 15,000–20,000-year-old cave drawings and picture tales include proof of the sports being played earlier. It has been a well-liked sport in the ancient Greek Olympics since 708 BC. It also existed in the Old Testament of the Bible, Egypt, Ancient France, Southern Europe, and even in Indian holy works (Ramayana/Mahabharata).

During the Middle Ages, royal families in France, Japan, and England organized these brawls. Then, this fighting technique was brought to America by Europeans. Today, it is performed under predetermined conditions on predetermined stages in various national and international championships across the globe.

Bjj/Wrestling Game Rules

Essential Rules (Wrestling)

Wrestling aims to use various tactics to gain the upper hand and knock the opponent to the ground.

Essential Bjj Principles

In BJJ techniques, practitioners prefer guard positions and leverage over using only physical strength.

Uniforms (Bjj)

Wrestlers and BJJ gi competitors can be distinguished by the fundamental distinctions in their uniforms during practice and competition.

The gi kimono is a traditional outfit used during BJJ Gi matches. It consists of cotton trousers, a jacket, and a ranking belt that serves as a belt buckle for the coat. Rash guards, shorts, and spats make up a No Gi uniform.

Uniform (Wrestling)

The wrestling costume consists of a singlet of spandex, wrestling boots, headgear, and knee and elbow protectors.

BJJ Rules

Depending on the challenger rank, each IBJJF match has a time limit that ranges from 5 to 10 minutes. The primary goal of the challenger is to win the fight by submission or by gaining points in the least time possible.

The points you can obtain in a game are as follows:

• 4 points for mounting or backing

• 3 points for Passing the Guard

• 2 points for Belly On Knee

• Judo Throw/Takedown has 2 points

• Bonus point (for attempting various positions or nearly submitting)

Wrestling Rules

In wrestling contests, the main goal is to take your opponent to the ground and have him tap his shoulder for one second. Different wrestling styles include those utilized in high school, collegiate, and international championships. It has the following rules:

  • High School Wrestling has three rounds of two minutes each
  • International/Olympic wrestling consists of two 3-minute rounds, and college wrestling has one 3-minute round each.
  • In a wrestling bout, there are several different ways to earn points:
  • 2 points of reversal
  • Two points for a near-fall (2 seconds).
  • Near Fall in 5 seconds has 3 points.

Bjj Ranking System

The five distinct colored belts determine BJJ’s ranking and advancement. It takes about eight to ten years to advance to a black belt. White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black belts are available.

There are the following levels in wrestling.

  • High School Level
  • Olympic/International Level
  • College Level


  • Both entail battling on the ground and are types of grappling.
  • BJJ gi and no gi competitors and wrestlers seek to knock down, control, and defeat their opponents.
  • Despite having different regulations, both fighting styles have the same objectives.
  • Challengers in both sports aim for better scores to end the contest by utilizing various submission maneuvers.

Differences Between Wrestling And BJJ

  • While wrestling is built on takedowns and pins, BJJ emphasizes submission and ground combat.
  • Wrestlers rely solely on their physical strength, power, and speed, whereas BJJ is centered on using the appropriate techniques with the proper opponent at the appropriate time.
  • Unlike BJJ regulations, which are very practical and dynamic, wrestling rules are tight and inflexible.
  • BJJ competitors score points by submissions, whereas wrestlers win matches by applying weight and pressure.
  • BJJ is seen as a more advantageous branch of martial arts because of its emphasis on ground combat.
  • Although both fighting systems are applicable in a street confrontation, BJJ has shown to be a more effective means of self-defense.

Wrestling Or Bjj: Which Is More Effective?

Despite the fact that BJJ and wrestling have different combat philosophies, they complement each other quite well. The athletes proficient in both wrestling and BJJ turned out to be superior fighters. Now that there is interest in which fighting style is more effective let’s examine how each discipline differs.

BJJ is therefore thought to be the finest for fighting in self-defense, but that does not make it a passive game. It is a comprehensive set that teaches you all the abilities required to survive in any fight, giving you strong escape positions and the ability to control an opponent’s moves.

Brazilian jiu jitsu requires a lot of practice with physical resistance, pushing, and pulling with fighting partners. Everyone can participate in BJJ gi art fighting, regardless of gender, age, body type, size, weight, or height. It is due to the fact that it is becoming quite well-liked by everyone. BJJ athletes can also pursue it further as a career. They can practice it out of passion, interest, or hobby. BJJ training is less demanding and challenging as compared to wrestling. Therefore, having a tremendous physical build is unnecessary to continue BJJ-like wrestling.

Even while BJJ is less demanding than wrestling, it still takes some time to master all the techniques. Getting a black belt took about 12–13 years. A black belt is frequently misconstrued in other martial arts styles as a sign of proficiency. A black belt in BJJ is regarded as the mission’s starting point for practicing challenging ground techniques.

Only those pupils who continue it with enthusiasm, determination, and work ethics will advance through different rankings in BJJ. This delicate art focuses more on the practical application of difficult methods by thoroughly comprehending their intended use.

The main issue of sports athletes right now is who will prevail in a grapple between a BJJ practitioner and a wrestler. Since a BJJ fighter will likely have more control over escaping and trapping the opponent’s arms or neck, he will probably win with less damage. A BJJ fighter also knows these abilities and strategies that enable him to submit to aggressive or larger opponents. A larger wrestler than him can be defeated even by a brown belt. Typically, wrestlers try to display their strength by getting into a terrible position that BJJ competitors could easily pin them in.

Conversely, wrestlers train harder and more intensely since their strategy is to overpower their opponents. Additionally, it encourages stand-up exercises. They do so in accordance with the elementary law of physics, which states that standing up is more powerful and effective than lying down. Therefore, compared to BJJ combatants, wrestlers spent more power and energy every minute. Wrestlers might be readily submitted since there are no submission methods in wrestling.


After the whole discussion, you may have a better idea of how both of these martial arts differ from each other. It is entirely up to you which one you decide to opt. Remember, wrestling provides more body strength and power. So, if you want to test your body capabilities, you should consider wrestling. BJJ is gentle martial art that teaches self-defense and technical combat concepts.

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