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Who Owns UFC? Is Dana White The Owner Of The UFC?

Who Owns UFC? Is Dana White The Owner Of The UFC?

Ultimate Fighting Championship, responsible for organizing the tournaments, has jumped from $2 million to $9 to 10 million in the last two decades. If you can grasp the fact, it is an increase of almost 500,000%. Definitely, there must be someone behind skyrocketing the total revenue.

After knowing the huge popularity of UFC, which seems to increase with each passing day, people want to know about the man behind it. So, let’s explore the right man who owns the UFC and then took it to the height of success with such a tremendous increase.

Is Dana White The Owner Of The UFC?

Now, here is the confusion people often come across. They look forward to searching: Is Dana White the owner of the UFC? Its correct answer is the Endeavor group via Zuffa, LLC has 50.1% ownership of UFC, which makes them the key decision maker.

Moreover, the remaining 49.9% is shared between MSD Capital, Silver Lake Partners and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. So, it is clear here that Dana White is not the owner of UFC. A maximum number of people consider Dana White as the UFC owner, but it is not right. He is the UFC president with a confidential percentage in the business.

Mixed Martial Art is growing day by day, increasing its worth across the globe. According to some resources, Endeavor plans to buy the company to gain 100% ownership of the company.

If Dana White remains the UFC President, MMA is supposed to break all the records under his supervision. Being a president, he is responsible for fight schedules, investment decisions, sponsorship deals, venue searches and all other activities related to business inside the promotion.

Can Dana White Select Judges And Referees?

Here, it is essential to mention that Dana only selects the venue and schedules the BJJ and other martial arts. He has nothing to do with the selection of judges and referees for UFC tournaments. Many people blame Dana White for the horrible judges’ selection for the match and the score. This is just a false news. You don’t need to believe such fake news that spreads rumors among the fans.

Dana White’s Ownership In UFC

Before 2016, he had nine percent ownership in UFC. After Fertitta Brothers sold the company to Endeavor, he became the President. He got his ownership rights and became the key decision maker person in the company. Now, without his consent, nothing can be done in UFC. 

So, we can say UFC is in White’s hands. He gives the green signal for each and every decision for the UFC Event.

He has not mentioned his percentage in the company but owns all the authoritative rights to deal with all matters. He withdraws his salary for being President, which means he is making a good amount from the company. Being the fastest-growing rising martial arts franchise, we can imagine he is getting exceptionally high pay.

Founder Of UFC

The businessman Art Davie and Brazilian Martial Artist Rorion Gracie founded UFC. However, other people helped them in creating this largest platform for MMA. It includes Bob Meyrowitz, Campbell McLaren, Ryan Troutsdale, David Isaacs, and John Milius. The first ever UFC event was held in 1993 in Denver, Colorado.

Evolution Of UFC

The inaugural UFC event was extremely violent, with only two prohibitions – no biting or eye-gouging. Gerard Gordeau kicked Teila Tuli’s mouth in the first UFC fight while the Sumo wrestler was kneeling. Tuli’s teeth were knocked out, and Gordeau severely injured his foot.

The event also featured a one-glove boxer, Art Jimmerson, who was defeated in the first round of the initial UFC event by BJJ expert Royce Gracie. Gracie later emerged as the tournament champion by making Gerard Gordeau submit in the finals. Clashes of various martial arts disciplines marked the early UFC days.

UFC 2 Event Controversy

Following closely, the UFC 2 event took place, and it was spoiled by a significant controversy during the initial fight. The rules only permitted the referee to halt the fight if the fighter was knocked entirely out or surrendered. The corner also had the authority to concede by throwing in the towel. However, MMA seemed more similar to a fight than a sport, completely devoid of sportsmanship.

UFC 3 Controversy

Yet another major controversy unfolded at UFC 3 when the well-liked “Ninja Cop” Steve Jennum emerged as the champion of the sports tournament after just one fight. It happened because Ken Shamrock made it to the finals but was weak due to injuries. Jennum triumphed over Harold Howard and became king of the tournament champion, but this rule was subsequently amended.


The notorious UFC 4 featured a match between Keith Hackney and Joe Son, which later gained notoriety due to a rule permitting groin strikes. Hackney unleashed a flurry of punches to Son’s private parts, forcing Son to release the guillotine choke. Hackney then made him submit with a choke. This rule was then altered.

In the ensuing years, headbutts and hitting your opponent on the back of the head or spine were banned.

Arrival Of Dana White

The arrival of Dana White as President marked the beginning of UFC’s commercial era, with numerous rule changes. For instance, before 2001, fighters could stall on the canvas indefinitely. But now, the referee intervenes to stand them up and separate them when pinned against the cage.

Furthermore, it’s prohibited to gain an unfair edge by clutching your adversary’s shorts or gloves. Also, you’re not allowed to knee a downed opponent or execute a soccer kick or a foot stomp to the head of downed fighters.

It remains uncertain whether White would maintain a share of the ownership in such a scenario. However, it’s easily seen that Dana White will continue to serve as the UFC president for an extended period, owing to his exceptional communication and marketing abilities. His social media influence is evident, with over 10 million followers on Twitter and Instagram.


We can only hope that Dana White continues to serve as President in the future. He rescued the world’s fastest-growing MMA promotion from bankruptcy and dramatically increased its popularity. Moreover, he transformed the sport into a lucrative business.

UFC and its athletes’ fame is set to escalate in the future. Despite the Covid period, the promotion endured without severe setbacks – it’s now more robust than ever, courtesy of the right individuals owning it!

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