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Why Other Martial Arts Disrespect Taekwondo?

Why Other Martial Arts Disrespect Taekwondo?

Like the Brazilian jiu jitsu, Taekwondo was also a combat martial art. Despite its higher popularity as a sport, it still faces disrespect from the followers of other martial arts. To some extent, they do not regard Taekwondo as it deserves.

It is a sad situation, but there are some reasons behind it. Mostly BJJ enthusiasts show their disrespect towards it. Now let’s see the significant reasons and whether the fans are right or not to give less importance to it.

Taekwondo is not liked much in the present time as it has not evolved as a real martial art. It is still identified as the Olympic game and sports only. Before categorizing it as the Olympic sport, it was a genuine combat sport. However, it is still a dangerous combat martial art in some regions, just like before.

Understanding Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a martial art form that originated in Korea in the 1940s, created by merging various skills that were honed over time.

Taekwondo is a striking art that features impressive foot techniques and speed. Presently, Taekwondo has evolved into one of the most popular martial arts and sports, with a global skill count reported over 100 million.