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  • Shock Resistant Body: Kombat USA Kids BJJ mouth guard comprises a premium silicon and shock-resistant body with a gel layer to provide maximum safety from BJJ hard shocks.
  • Custom Fit: Kombat USA kids mouth guard for BJJ is custom fit for everyone without making them uncomfortable after a whole day of wear.
  • Easy Communication: Kombat USA high impact Best BJJ mouth guard allows smooth communication, breathing and even yelling during sports sessions and matches.
  • Appropriate For Multiple Sports: Designed especially for kid jaw protection, this Kombat USA BJJ mouth guard is suitable to use in any contact sports, MMA, jiu jitsu, BJJ, boxing, and hockey.
  • Box Packaging For Hygiene: Box Packaging of Kombat USA kids mouth guard for BJJ provides storage to keep it back after using it for proper hygiene maintenance.
Color: White
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