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10 Strategies To Sharpen Your No Gi BJJ Techniques

10 Strategies To Sharpen Your No Gi BJJ Technique

No gi bjj is one of the martial arts with no specific uniform or dress code—most MMA competitors like no gi jiu jitsu due to its more realistic and practical approach. No gi bjj techniques are easily applicable on daily basis situations. That’s why it is said to be more practical. All the rules and regulations, and techniques are different in bjj gi and no gi bjj. 

Brazilian jiu jitsu gi (Bjj) is hard to learn as it requires a stronger grip and physique. Submission grappling techniques in no gi bjj are the greatest self-defense martial arts.

Strategies To Sharpen Your No Gi BJJ Techniques

No-Gi BJJ is significantly different from Gi BJJ. Fighters require a true understanding of No Gi BJJ to master it. Here we have discussed the top 10 strategies that can help you in improving your bjj skills.

Add Wrestling To Your Bjj No Gi

Both No-Gi BJJ and wrestling need quick-drawn battles. You may improve your takedowns and submissions by including wrestling in your game. Gaining proficiency in takedowns might offer you an edge over your opponents.

You may develop your defense via wrestling. It is the finest technique to build strength and physical endurance. It teaches you how to apply pressure while maintaining your guard.

Attend Full Training Sessions 

Regularly attend training sessions to improve performance. You’ll have plenty of time to relax and study if you exercise consistently. You will learn how to manage your time more effectively via training sessions. Even one no gi bjj training session missed might set you back.

Focus On The Basics 

Concentrate on the fundamental movements initially before learning the more complex ones. Most complex maneuvers have their roots in simpler ones.

For instance, learning the basic defense techniques will ultimately enable you to master the closed guard, butterfly guard, etc.

Work On Bjj Submissions 

Submissions are the first category of technique you master in No Gi BJJ. A fighter’s whole style may change if he exclusively specializes in submissions.

You may get points for completing entries in official contests.

Learn How To Counter Leg Locks

In No-Gi BJJ, leg locks are an essential part of grappling.

The legs, particularly the lower limbs, are simple to grip because they are exposed. Many fighters aim to seize the legs and apply a leg hold as soon as a battle begins. All BJJ competitors need to know the successful implementation of counter leg locks.

Boost Your Stamina And Speed

In No-Gi BJJ, combat moves quickly. The warrior who moves more quickly usually wins. You can move faster using rash guards and spats or shorts made of elastic fiber. Also, you can perform swift sweeps and movements due to your increased speed and stamina.

The swiftness of the fighter’s reflexes while attacking or defending determines who wins.

Goal-Oriented Training 

Ensure that you must have set your training goal before you step up on the mat. Having a goal will give you direction for the No-Gi BJJ techniques you want to study. The remainder of your training session is laid out by goal-oriented training. Every day, set a new objective and work to achieve it in the allotted time.

Learn from Mistakes And Relax Properly

Practice the skills you are having problems with. You will make fewer mistakes as you practice more. You risk losing if you apply strategies that you haven’t mastered. For instance, if a submission goes wrong, your opponent could take advantage of the opportunity.

Sweeps and submissions improve No Gi bjj. If you can’t apply submission, for instance, your opponent will grab you, and you can lose. No Gi BJJ offers good grappling strategies that increase winning chances.

Make a list of the no gi skills you need to work on before a training session. Before returning to the mat to attempt them once again, set aside time to practice them.

It’s OK to be excited about your game, but try not to get carried away. Be careful to get enough rest. You will only perform well in the next training session if your nerves are calm and worn out from the prior session.

Maintain Your Grip

It’s not permitted to grab the rash guards and spats. You need to be more fast and energetic for seizing and holding onto the opponent’s hands and feet.

Improve Your No-Gi BJJ Techniques

Here are the best no techniques that can help you in making no gi jiujitsu win-win for you. 

Rear Naked Choke

The fighter’s other arm is on the opponent’s shoulder while one arm is beneath the opponent’s arm in the rear naked choke. The combatant locks both of his hands together to prevent the opponent from rotating.

By placing their chin on the fighter’s hands, the opponent will attempt to release the hold. Strangling the opponent’s neck, the fighter may prevent the opponent from doing so. The fighter uses his arms to grasp his opponent’s neck in order to strangle them.

His other arm is placed behind the opponent’s neck while one arm clutches his neck. This prevents the opponent from grabbing the fighter’s hand. Eliminating the opponent’s air supply will cause them to submit.

Whether you’re standing up or lying down, you may use this method in various situations. You can perform it from the back of your opponent.

It prevents blood from reaching the brain because it acts as a blood clot. Moreover, it eventually results in the adversary being rendered unconscious.

When you use too much force, the opponent gives up.

Triangle Choke

The fighter’s legs create a triangle that encloses the opponent’s head.

The wrists of the opponent are firmly fastened. He can’t get firm grips because of it. The fighter uses both of their own legs and one of the opponent’s shoulders to apply pressure on the opponent’s neck. It is the best technique to prevent blows from the opponent.

The warrior must exert pressure on his neck before exploding his hips upward. It narrows the gap between your butt and the neck of the opposition.

Because he would undoubtedly flinch in this posture, you must keep his head under control.

Arm Drag 

It is the No Gi BJJ method that is the most potent. It gives the fighter the advantage since the opponent exits the technique after using arm drag rather than executing his own.

They are excellent because they provide room for more assaults and submits. Using the arm drag method in bjj no gi, a fighter drags and hooks his opponent’s arm, causing him to leave his side and leave himself open to attack. The fighter must grab the opponent’s waist with one hand in order to execute the arm drag.

Grab the opponent’s elbow with the opposite hand. The fighter additionally encircles the opponent’s head with both legs to prevent the opponent from escaping. He is thus imprisoned since he has no chance to flee.

An Arm Drag may also be executed in different ways. The combatant uses his hand from the same side to seize the opponent’s hand. By exerting pressure on the opponent’s back, the fighter grips their neck and pretends to cut it off.

After that fighter pushes the opponent’s hand to hook his arm. Then combatant draws his opponent close to him and seizes his waist. The fighter puts the opponent on the ground and stops him from moving.


The fighter moves their arm beneath the arm of the opponent to execute the underhook. This confines the opponent’s legs and provides the fighter control over their hand motions.

You can use underhook when your competitor holds your neck and moves forward in the direction of their hand they are using to grab you. This is the best time to show this move in Bjj no gi. The ideal moment to perform an underhook is when the collar tie starts to tighten. Your arm will likely be pressed against your opponent’s back if they attempt to overhook you.

You may tighten your grip with an underhook if your opponent is unable to complete an overhook.

Leg Lock

Leg locks keep your opponent on the ground by preventing them from shifting their legs. The fighter’s physique might affect their fighting technique. Fighters with long legs may sometimes be more skilled at applying leg locks than fighters with short legs. However, it does not imply that a fighter with small legs is restricted in any way. You can apply a leg lock using several methods.

The straight ankle lock implies hooking the opponent’s foot with the fighter’s forearm. The combatant presses on the opponent’s ribs with his foot.

Ultimately, the combatant achieves submission in this manner.

Final Words

Strong grappling skills are the focus of no gi BJJ, one of the most popular submission combat arts. BJJ no gi offers greater opportunities for real-world application than Gi BJJ. 

Fighters must practice their skills in order to become pros at it. They have to show up for training sessions on a regular basis. Fighters need to move faster to get an edge over the opponent.

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