Top 5 Activities To Boost Your BJJ Training

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Top 5 Activities To Boost Your BJJ Training

BJJ training itself is hard and challenging to compete and excel. However, practicing only jiu jitsu is just not enough these days. No laws prohibit the bjj practice outside the gym; you can opt for it as your hobby as well. Whenever you have leisure time, you can start practicing gi bjj.

However, you should exert more effort if you have set your BJJ gi goals. You must add other activities to boost your training. You can follow these five easy activities in addition to your BJJ training. These extra activities will help you accomplish your targets including high-level competition, improved jiu jitsu skills, preserving your longevity on the mat, or any other reason.

Strength Training

Strength training is a must for anyone who wants to be a long-lasting mat warrior or BJJ gi athlete. If two athletes are equally skilled, the stronger athlete will win. This does not guarantee that they will always succeed. However, The stronger athlete will be more successful at repelling an attack or using a tactic to counter the other player’s defense.

In addition, a well-rounded and carefully thought-out strength training program will help you avoid injuries. Any practitioner can get benefit from it. This is due to the fact that jiu jitsu is a very dynamic fighting sport. As a result, you will frequently find yourself in situations that could endanger your physical well-being (for example, a quick armbar that results in a hyperextended elbow). The more you practice, the stronger your muscles become.

Running And Exercise

We are well aware that after the hectic routine, no one wants to invest the left energy in the running. Almost no jiu-jitsu practitioners like to run. It’s probably one of the reasons that you choose to roll out gi bjj rather than running outside your academy.

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However, research has revealed that running not only increases your bone density but also your general cardio. It directly affects your capacity to roll numerous rounds with little recovery. Some MMA fighters and jiu jitsu practitioners have fractured bones due to their unhealthy lifestyles and fewer exercise routines. Research also demonstrates that you can overdo it without fearing any side effects on your body. So, you can run as much as possible to increase your muscle strength and stamina.


There is a limit to how long you can stay on the mat before your body starts to deteriorate. You need to learn all the curriculum of your academy to get a better understanding of jiu jitsu gi when you feel exhausted. BJJ practitioners must study to become a true high-level competitors. Nothing compares to the real world when you are at training, but learning jiu jitsu will advance you. You’ll discover strategies that you might not have learned in class. Pick up on the information you might have overlooked, and always be ready to learn more about Brazilian BJJ any time.

Moreover, you are lucky enough to get a lot of material regarding gi Bjj training. You may buy instructional videos that feature your favorite jiu-jitsu competitor. You can sign up for your preferred team’s online training program. Even hours and hours of free content are available on YouTube.


Here we are not going to say that you adopt a strict yoga lifestyle, enroll in an Asharram, or perform weekly yoga. If you do, there is no condemnation here. It is highly appreciable if you have already added yoga to your routine.

However, regular stretching and balancing training is crucial, especially for your longevity on the mat. You just need consistency to take your BJJ training to the next level. Your range of agility and flexibility are both enhanced by stretching. 

The majority of jiu jitsu submissions target the joints; therefore, having a healthy range of flexibility is crucial. If you do not possess a higher range of motion, the same amount of torque and tension can cause injury. The little muscles surrounding your joints are also strengthened through balancing exercises, further supporting them and reducing the chance of damage. 

Moreover, you can stretch and improve your balance without referring to it as yoga or even practicing “yoga,” you can stretch and improve your balance. You must utilize 40 minutes to one hour in yoga to make your BJJ training more successful. You will see the visible difference in your actions to combat the martial arts.

Logical Games

If you think about it, Jiu jitsu is a physical version of chess. You consistently need to think smart to show active submissions on the mat. Now think about some of the top grapplers in the world. Most of them are avid gamers or great nerds.

Brazilian jiujitsu is both a physical and mental sport. Thus it makes sense that regular mental exercise will directly improve your jiu-jitsu skills. For this reason, you need to set out a few hours each week for a logic game. 

Congratulations if you already play video games regularly. It means that you are already one step ahead of your opponents. You may download one of the many brain training applications even if you’ve never been into video games. Even completing the daily New York Times crossword puzzle counts (don’t give up after the notoriously difficult Saturday crossword).


Whether you are a competitor or not, what you do off the mat will affect your growth and longevity. You can achieve your objectives and augment your BJJ training with these five activities. So, choose a healthy lifestyle and leisure activity to boost your BJJ journey.



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