Unlock Everything You Must Know About Jiu Jitsu Mats

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Unlock Everything You Must Know About Jiu Jitsu Mats

Whenever we think about jiu jitsu gi, its gear, and accessories come to our mind first. However, when someone starts practicing BJJ gi, jiujitsu mats are the basic thing required to roll on properly. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a ground-intensive, close-quarters grappling martial art. Therefore, having a high-quality surface to roll and spar is essential. You can get one using high-quality mats with the right length, substance, and thickness.

In the fiercely competitive world of BJJ gi, selecting BJJ mats with the ideal dimensions and size is necessary. In this blog we will discuss the best BJJ mat size and dimensions for drilling, sparring, rolling, and training at home or in a facility. We’ll also talk about how crucial it is to keep your BJJ mats clean and how they fit into your training program. To find out how big Jiu-Jitsu mats read a head. 

What Do Jiu-Jitsu Mats Mean?


All the BJJ practitioners require the jiujitsu mats during drilling/rolling and training sessions. Mats give practitioners a cozy, secure surface to train and improve their abilities.


 Why Are BJJ Mats Necessary?


BJJ practitioners need mats for adequate cushioning and fluid movement transitions and to protect themselves from potential injuries. The function of BJJ mats doesn’t stop here, though. 


Additionally, they preserve gym flooring from dents and damage from intense drill sessions. Therefore, if you’re wondering why BJJ mats are so crucial, the precise response is that they are a vital investment for the security and longevity of your training area.


BJJ Mats’ Materials


Tatami, commonly called folding mats or BJJ mats, are mostly made of a foam-like fabric. They are made of high-density EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam, providing several advantages to BJJ enthusiasts. For example, EVA is perfect for delicate motions because it reduces the possibility of knee and elbow injuries during exercise.


EVA foam also acts as an anti-fatigue material, improving performance on the mat by offering a cushioned and comfortable training surface.


Surface Features of BJJ Mats


The surface of a BJJ mat should contain the following qualities:


  • Must be Maneuverable and Anti-Skidding
  • Waterproofness and appropriate thickness 


What Is the Size of BJJ Mats?


BJJ practitioners must possess premium BJJ mats that are the recommended size and dimensions. BJJ mats are available in various colors, sizes, and densities to meet your unique training needs. However, it’s essential to understand the many types of BJJ mats in order to select one that matches your training needs and size. Therefore, these various Jiu-Jitsu mat styles might help you improve your grappling.


Mats That Roll Out


The cross-linked polyethylene foam frequently used to make roll-out mats has a smooth surface that effectively protects against head injuries and body tension. Moreover, brands design these mats after considering the players’ needs and comfort.


On the other hand, roll-out mats are important in providing an excellent surface for additional martial arts training. This martial training includes Judo and Sambo, in addition to being suitable for wrestling and BJJ. They are a perfect option for practitioners with various interests looking for a secure and productive training environment due to their high-quality construction and dependable durability.




Features of roll-out mats include a 6×12 foot size range, 1 to 1.25-inch thickness, lightweight, durability, and ease of installation. They are also heavier than folding and puzzle mats, have a high density, and are reasonably priced.


Puzzle Or Tiled Mats


Since the beginning of the grappling sport, jigsaw or puzzle mats have gained popularity. They are primarily square and available in various hues and sizes. In addition, they have a unique wavy design that is reminiscent of pearl weave Gis. These mats’ main purpose is to offer good support and cushioning during workouts, which is essential for demanding rolling sessions.




Features of puzzle mats: 2×2 foot size range


• Made of EVA foam; • Thickness: 1-1.5 inches; • Resilient; • Non-Toxic; • Flexible and Soft; Waterproof; • Simple to Clean; • Portable and Lightweight; • Comfortable


Folding Mats


For grapplers with little room in their gyms or houses, folding mats are ideal. These mats are typically made of EPE foam, have the ability to absorb stress, and have an anti-slip surface. During rigorous training sessions, these best jiu-jitsu mats give BJJ enthusiasts a dependable grip and stability.


They are a sensible option for individuals looking for a flexible training space due to their folding designs, which facilitate easy storage and portability.




  • Folding mats feature includes 4×6 feet (Width), 6×12 feet (Length). 
  • Thickness: 1-1.25 inches. 
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Durable. Comfortable
  • Easy to set up
  •  EPE foam is recyclable and friendly to the environment.


Actually, every BJJ mat has an exclusive interlocking feature that enables grapplers to quickly attach many mats to produce a customized size for their unique requirements. So, pick up the BJJ mats that are the appropriate length, then begin practicing. 

Recommended BJJ Mat Size


 IBJJF has established guidelines and requirements for competing in regional, national, and worldwide competitions. Before participating in any tournament, grapplers must know all the rules and regulations. This not only helps prevent any unforeseen circumstances but also raises their confidence level.


The IBJJF states that the mat in a square, rectangle, triangle, circular, or octagonal must have a mat size of 20 by 20 feet for competition. A smooth and fair competitive trip requires adherence to the IBJJF’s suggested rules.


Advice For Choosing The Best BJJ Mat


When making the selection, keep these suggestions in mind. Here are a few simple tips to help you get the best BJJ mats.


BJJ Mat Material


The mat fabric is one of the most crucial aspects to consider. Choose a mat that produces high-density foam, such as EPE or EVA, which offers exceptional durability. High-density EPE, which has the best force-absorbing properties, makes the mats.


Jiu Jitsu Mat Size


The length of Jiu Jitsu mats should be taken into account as well. BJJ mats are available in a range of sizes. However, you must choose a Jiu-Jitsu mat that is proportionate to your available training area.




BJJ practitioners’ safety depends on the mats’ thickness since it gives them the proper support and shock absorption. Therefore, choose BJJ mats that are between one to five inches thick.


Surface Texture 


It is advised to search for mats with anti-skidding features. The practitioners will benefit from this and won’t slip and slide while practicing.


You may add practical, long-lasting BJJ mats to your training arsenal by taking into account these suggestions.


BJJ Mats Maintenance And Care


The appropriate maintenance and preservation of the training area are essential to protect the safety and health of BJJ athletes. In addition, cleanliness and proper care can help stop the spread of germs and diseases.


The following precautions should be taken to guarantee safety and a healthy training environment.


      • Frequently wash mats to prevent the invasion of dangerous bacteria.
      • Sanitize the BJJ mats often with chemical disinfectants.
      • It’s always an excellent option to vacuum-clean BJJ mats, even puzzle BJJ mats, to clean the pores thoroughly

    How Are BJJ Mats Cleaned?

    You must follow the guidelines to make your grappling mats neat and clean. 

    Sweeping Or Dry Mopping

    You will need a dry mop or a broom with soft bristles to remove dirt, hair, or other hard objects. Before cleaning, it can help to clear the upper surface of the mat. After that, you can start cleaning it. Before wet mopping, this is the initial stage of cleaning that is most important.

    Use A Vacuum Cleaner

    After sweeping or dry mopping, it’s time to clean up the leftover dust, loose material, and stains on the grappling mats. Again, using a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction capacity is best to keep the BJJ mats free of dangerous materials.

    Clean And Disinfect The BJJ Mats

    Cleaning and disinfection of BJJ mats is the last step of mat cleaning. However, you need secure cleaners readily available in the marketplace to prevent any harm to the mat’s upper surface. Additionally, ensure you use the recommended amount of an effective disinfectant and follow the dilution directions on the product brochure.

    You should use spray bottles to administer disinfectants or to clean the home BJJ mats. However, a canister with nozzle spray would be a time-saving alternative for sanitizing gym mats.

    Final Words

    Bjj mats have the primary importance in athlete life. It is available in various sizes, colors, and designs in the market. However, you must choose the best jiu jitsu mat according to your requirement and the training space. Keep your grappling mats neat and clean to increase durability and prevent infections.

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