Bibiano Fernandes Recalls His Days of Sleeping on Training Mats: “We Trained A Lot”

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Bibiano Fernandes Recalls His Days of Sleeping on Training Mats: “We Trained A Lot”

Bibiano Fernandes, a 5th-degree BJJ black belt, has a tale of grit and talent that took him from the mats of Manaus, Amazonas, to the international spotlight. Fernandes is now leveraging his extensive experience to nurture the upcoming generation of martial artists at his Flash Academy in Canada.

He is deeply committed to his role as a coach and mentor, as he revealed in an interview with Gracie Magazine:

In two months I reached a very high number of students.

It’s a different phase for me, now I have to take care of my students, they are like my children now.

 I need to take care, prevent them from getting hurt, identify those who are more aggressive and ask them to go easy on white-belts.

This type of conduct is necessary, especially here in Canada, a cold country.

 So, it’s easier to get injured.

The institute is set to gain a significant boost with the forthcoming visit of Andre Galvao for a workshop in February 2024.

Fernandes reminisced about their common history:

Andre Galvao is an excellent athlete.

I’ve known him since master Osvaldo Alves’ time, we slept there on the mat and trained a lot when he was still a blue-belt.

 He’s a guy who knows a lot about grappling and Jiu-Jitsu. Not to mention the fact that he also has a gym, this is very important for exchanging information.

So, Andre Galvao coming here at Flash Academy will be very good not only for my students, but for everyone who wants to understand more about business.



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