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Complete Buyers Guide For Selecting Best Bjj Rashguard

Complete Buyers Guide For Selecting Best Bjj Rashguard

Those players who enroll in BJJ no gi need rashguard to compete and train Brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj). Jiu jitsu gi is significant in the combat sport of bjj. However, it is not mandatory in the no gi bjj. It is common practice in gym and academies to perform bjj without wearing the proper uniform.

Beginning in the early 2000s, BJJ rash guard use became customary. Nowadays, in order to reduce perspiration buildup and enhance blood flow, the majority of jiu jitsu athletes either practice no gi BJJ or, at the very least, wear it below their gi.

Here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide that may assist you in selecting the finest BJJ rash guards. Whether you are a beginner and want to get a new BJJ rash guard or want to improve your current rash guard bjj, this guide is for you. You can maximize your bjj training using premium rashguards.

What Is Bjj Rashguard?

A rashguard is a form-fitting outfit constructed of a unique, readily flexible fabric. To reduce your chance of damage, you wear it inside your gi. The BJJ rashguards are the attire you must wear if you are participating in a no gi BJJ tournament.

You must wear a rash guard when participating in no gi jiu jitsu. Rash guards are primarily used to prevent bruising and scrapes on the body.

Why Are Jiu Jitsu Rashguards Required?

Wearing a bjj rashguard is required if you are training or participating in a no-gi BJJ tournament. The IBJJF rules also require you to put on a rash guard underneath your gi.

Here we have listed down the few benefits of wearing no gi rashguards.

Ensures Dry And Frictionless Activity

Sweat buildup is significant if you practice BJJ in cotton t-shirts and shorts. Such textiles strongly absorb sweat, increasing your risk of developing a skin infection. Additionally, you wouldn’t want your sweaty arrival at the gym to leave a terrible impression.

Here the BJJ rash guards come in to help you get rid of perspiration buildup. Rash guards are made of cloth with sweat-wicking capabilities. It ensures a dry and frictionless jiujitsu no gi activity.

This kind of fabric makes it simple for your body’s perspiration to go from your body to the outside of your clothing. Eventually, this supports keeping you dry by allowing sweat to drain from apparel quickly.

Reduce The Expansion Of Bacteria

In contrast to other martial arts, BJJ no gi is a close-quarters combat sport. In addition, several other practitioners are using the same mats in a humid and hot setting. In grappling sports, rashes and ringworm are frequent skin illnesses. Rash guards may help to reduce the spread of germs.

Additionally, KOMBAT USA rash guards feature antibacterial qualities to ensure that you never get the risk contracting an infection. Buy these long-sleeved rash guards if you want an additional layer of defense against bacteria and germs.

Jiu Jitsu RashGuards Assist In The Rehabilitation Of Muscle 

Compression spats provide various advantages in BJJ, such as better blood flow, slight muscle vibration to lower the chance of injury, and many more. According to research, using rash compression guards after your workout helps your muscles recover more quickly. After your workout, you can experience swelling and pain if you’re a newbie.

The compression rashguards continuously exert pressure on your muscles to aid in removing lactic acid from your body. Your legs and knees are susceptible to becoming bruised when practicing jiu jitsu because of the friction the mat creates. The BJJ no gi, however, may effectively shield you from that.

BJJ Rash Guards Effectively Prevent Sweat From Contacting Your GI

You must put on a rash guard underneath your BJJ gi if you want it to last longer. Jiu jitsu rash guards have the ability to wick away perspiration, protecting your gi from sweat stains.

Washing the gi after every BJJ session may shorten the life of your shirt. So, wearing rashguards prevents the gi from absorbing your sweat if you wear a rash guard underneath it.

BJJ Rash Guard Rules Of The IBJJF

Although there is no specific dress or uniform, IBJJF still has certain rules for wearing no gi. So, let’s discuss the IBJJF requirements for no gi for men and women.

For Shirt Guards And Rash Guards

  • The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation demands that both men and women wear a skin-tight, flexible garment covering their upper body to their waist.
  • The shirt must have at least 10% of the color of the athlete’s rank.
  • Shirts that are 100% of the color of the athlete’s rank are also acceptable.
  • Shorts Requirements For Men

    • The shorts must have the color of the athlete’s rank.
    • Any pockets, exposed drawstrings, or zippers made of any kind of plastic material that put the opponent in danger should be avoided.
    • The athlete’s knees shouldn’t be covered.
    • The shorts should cover the bottom part of the athlete’s thighs.
    • Under the shorts, players can also wear compression tights.

    Women’s Requirements For MMA Shorts And Pants

    • Depending on the color of their rank, women may wear BJJ shorts or no gi compression pants.
    • They must not go beyond the knees and must be long enough to cover the thighs.
    • There shouldn’t be any zippers, buttons, or other potentially dangerous materials.

    Best Bjj Rash Guards’ Qualities

    When purchasing a BJJ rash guard, check that it possesses the following characteristics:

    Must Be Extremely Stretchable

    A high-quality fabric with a stretching feature both lengthwise and widthwise is best to make rashguards. A polyester and spandex combination is the most often utilized fabric in this situation. A synthetic material called spandex has a high degree of stretchability.

    Silicone Engraved Waistbands

    Since you move quickly while doing BJJ no gi, your bjj shorts must tightly fit around your waist. For this reason, the majority of high-quality rash guard shorts include an anti-slip band around the waist region. It is mainly composed of silicone or rubber.

    Amicrobial And Antifungal Properties

    You may perspire a lot when doing BJJ no gi. Constant perspiration may lead to many skin illnesses, especially in hot temperatures. The premium no gis created with antimicrobial materials slows or even prohibits the development of microorganisms.

    Flatlock Stitching 

    When using flatlock stitching, there is extremely little to no cloth bulge at the seams. The edges of both pieces of cloth are stitched together to create these seams by laying them side by side. There is less possibility of chafing with this kind of stitching. Compared to other varieties, flatlock stitching is fine and durable.

    Your no gi is more prone to tear when practicing jiu jitsu. However, bjj no gi with the flatlock stitching is the best choice to make your training and competition successful and hassle-free.

    Men’s Bjj Rashguard

    KOMBAT USA manufactures men BJJ rash guards from premium compression material that promotes better blood flow. In addition, the sleeves in a fantastic color combination help you stand out from the competition. These hues correspond to your belt’s rank.

    You may combat as a BJJ practitioner by wearing clothing with the iconic KOMBAT logo embroidered on the chest. When you wear our rash guard, you won’t have to worry about developing a skin infection while practicing jiu jitsu.

    Kombat Half Sleeve Rashguard

    To improve your performance, get one of our short sleeve standard rash guards if you want to remain cool when rolling in the heat.

    Kombat Full Sleeve Rashguard 

    We provide long sleeve shirts for those who like to perform with full arms covered. Completely covered arms in rashguard no gi protect themselves from germs. Purchase our regular no gi long sleeve rash guard to roll in comfort.

    You may choose a long or short-sleeved version of our BJJ rashguards according to your demands. With flatlock stitching, both exhibit antibacterial and antifungal growth qualities. Whatever you want, we have provided multiple options in terms of color, sizes, sleeves, and weight. You can visit our website to check which of our no gi matches your needs perfectly.

    Premium Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard For Men By Kombat Usa

    KOMBAT USA never fails to wow with its distinctive BJJ rashguard designs. So you never get disappointed when you visit KOMBAT USA for premium no gi. We have launched the no gi for men after vigorous testing and research. Using cutting-edge technology, we offer rashguards with fine stitching and a customized logo on the shirt. So let’s have a bird’s eye view of our men no gi collection.

    These rashguards have a distinctive look with maximum comfort. In addition, to offer the highest level of durability, we incorporate the flatlock seam. As a result, you can improve your speed and durability using no gi bjj made from premium compression material.

    So, choose best no gi and take your BJJ journey to the next level.

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