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How To Defeat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Challenges?

How To Defeat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Challenges?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the hardest martial arts for players till now. The BJJ players need more dedication and passion to meet the BJJ gi demands. Despite its challenging nature, it is becoming famous day by day. However, gi athletes face hard challenges during competition and training. Only those who stick to their goal pass through it, while others leave their journey incomplete. 

If you are also a jiu jitsu gi member or about to start your training, this blog is for you. Here we will discuss how to overcome all the hurdles and challenges in bjj.

BJJ Challenges

Combat sports like BJJ push their participants outside of their comfort zones. The BJJ gi hurdles force athletes to overcome challenges during practice, sparring, and actual fights to help them develop. There are some difficulties that practitioners must defeat. While some trials are physical tests influenced by outside variables, others are emotional tests that emotionally impact the fighters.

The following is a list of some of the difficulties BJJ practitioners face during their training and competition:

Lack Of Motivation

Dedicated practitioners are more motivated to learn BJJ, which can advance their development. The grasping ability of practitioners increases when they are self-driven and self-assured. In contrast, their capacity for learning declines, and they lag behind other athletes when they lack desire and confidence.

Many newcomers set their target of obtaining a purple belt as their initial objective and obtaining a blue belt as a tremendous accomplishment. However, many practitioners start to lose their enthusiasm for gentle art after achieving the purple belt rank. One reason is that they experience injuries, some of which can be quite challenging to recover. It makes the players dis heart and less motivated to continue bjj.


BJJ practitioners busy with jobs, school, or other commitments may find it difficult to focus on their training. They may also struggle with developing delusions regarding which martial art suits them. However, once you are in jiu jitsu field, you get a broader vision and exposure, which help you decide which suits you best.

Physical Restrictions

Everyone who practices BJJ has a unique body type. Many fighters put in a lot of work to build a body that suits performing grapples. However, as these factors may impose physical constraints, age, physical requirements, and body type can have an impact on how much your body is capable of.

Absence Of Trainer

For all students, a BJJ instructor serves as a mentor. Despite having a thorough understanding of BJJ, he also imparts to his pupils the fundamentals of gentle art. BJJ has many fantastic examples of how students have made their coaches famous. For instance, among the top Black Belt champions of Andre Galvao are Rafaela Guedes, Kade, and Tye Ruotolo.

All the BJJ dos and don’ts will be explained to students by a responsible instructor. They are responsible for passing along the jiujitsu’s techniques, ideas, and regulations. Students make little progress without an instructor or under the instruction of a poor teacher.


 Most BJJ clubs have the sign “Leave Your Ego at the Door” on their doorways. While a healthy dose of ego is okay, it is not a good idea to let your pride influence your decisions in a BJJ training session. Many practitioners are stubborn and won’t give up when they are in submission, which causes them to incur severe injuries. 

Lack Of Confidence 

Students with varying belt levels, from white to black belts, are present at BJJ schools. Many inexperienced practitioners believe that higher belt levels are far ahead of them. They may not advance if they have feelings of uncertainty and inadequacy.

Fear Of Failure 

Many BJJ athletes take pride in their victories in the competition. However, they put so much emphasis on winning; they don’t tolerate losing. As a result of their inability to manage even a single defeat, many fighters quit BJJ altogether because they don’t want a single defeat tag in their career.

Never Compare Yourself To Others

Many BJJ athletes have a bad habit of evaluating themselves against others. Each practitioner develops and advances at their own pace. Comparison with others just makes you less confident and increases your inner fear. It is difficult to stay motivated to learn if you are always thinking about what other fighters can accomplish and what you are now unable to perform.

Unhygienic Situations

The training mats must be spotless because BJJ entails competitors grappling and getting close to one another. A good cleanliness procedure at the gym prevents infection and germs. Due to unclean surroundings, ringworm and cauliflower ears are the most prevalent infectious skin illnesses practitioners may get. Other practitioners won’t roll with you if your uniform smells unclean.


Since gi BJJ involves close-quarters combat, there is always a chance of getting hurt. Injuries received during drills or competitive games may be self-inflicted or brought on by your opponent. However, some injuries are due to practitioners’ failure to take proper safety measures. Practitioners who sustain serious, permanent injuries may feel too afraid to continue training. Even practitioners who try to keep going could get into the habit of stopping too soon.

Training Setting

BJJ gyms offer training environments that can either inspire or demoralize you. A good learning environment requires both a warm and professional atmosphere. Practitioners hesitate to put forth their best effort if they believe they are in a hostile environment. Bullying is a significant negative. Beginners don’t perform well, which they are capable of, because higher belts don’t treat their juniors well.

Gear Shrinkage Problems

The premium jiu jitsu gi is expensive. Practitioners frequently worry that their costly BJJ gi will shrink. You could have to keep spending out of pocket to buy a replacement uniform if a BJJ gi isn’t kept up properly. They frequently shrink when you dry the gi bjj outside or wash them in a high-temperature washing machine. This is the rationale behind the switch by many practitioners to no-gi BJJ.

Read more to know Easy Methods Unshrink Your BJJ gi.

Searching For BJJ Tournaments

Search online for current and upcoming events if you want to participate in a Brazilian jiu jitsu championship. You can make a lot of contacts with people while competing in various championships. You can later use these links to find potential tournaments. You do not need to worry, as it always takes time to build up connections. Finding the appropriate connections could take years.

Obstacles for Women Practitioners

Although BJJ is available to both genders, female competitors have faced unique difficulties. Many female practitioners struggle to balance their practice and their family. Men roll to avoid losing to a woman at rolling sessions where women and men are present frequently. This way of thinking is quite demeaning. Sadly, there have also been instances where sexual harassment of female BJJ competitors has occurred.

Ways To Overcome BJJ Obstacles

Now let’s uncover those ways which can overcome BJJ Obstacles.

Reliability And Dedication

You need to have a regular workout routine if you want to succeed at BJJ. You will find it simpler to overlook worries and uncertainties once you become a BJJ master.

Set realistic goals and adjust as you work hard to chase your dreams. Failures will inevitably come your way, but don’t let them get you down. Include other activities in your training program to help you unwind, such as yoga, swimming, and rock climbing. Your strength will increase due to these exercises, and you can train Jiu jitsu gi outside of the gym.

Set Your Goals 

Before beginning Brazilian jiu jitsu, make sure you have clear goals. If all you want to do is work out, concentrate on strengthening your body and mind. Focusing on jiu jitsu gi technique mastery and moving up the belt levels is necessary to pursue a professional BJJ career.

Choose A Professional Mentor

Before choosing your instructor, invest your time in analyzing his reputation and credentials before joining a BJJ academy or club. Remember that enrolling at an academy with thousands of pupils may mean the teachers won’t pay much attention to you. You can attend gi bjj sessions with other students or request private lessons from the instructor, depending on your preferences, to avoid financial burden.

Take Charge Of Your Emotions

You must behave maturely without letting your ego get in the way in BJJ gyms. It could be challenging for other practitioners and instructors to approach you if you appear pushy, spoilt, or uninterested. If necessary, you should also support and console your training partners. You can keep your emotions under control.


After every workout, wash your gi to remove sweat, stop fungal growth, and eliminate any odors. In order to preserve the quality of your BJJ gi and to make it smell good, you may also apply fragrant fabric softener.

Train At Your Pace 

Never evaluate yourself in relation to other professionals. Train at your speed while studying the techniques you want to concentrate on. Fast learning does not ensure success. Over time, your confidence will improve your performance and make you a world-class fighter.


Another significant obstacle faced by practitioners of BJJ while training is financial difficulties. The expense of BJJ equipment and attending a BJJ academy is higher for a struggling practitioner with financial issues. You can do this by participating in regional competitions to earn money, then registering for the academy of your choice to enhance your gi skills.

Find Training Partners 

If you require a training partner, consider making friends with practitioners who share your same aspirations. This will ensure that you and your workout companions encourage one another and keep you on the right BJJ track.

Precautions For Safety

Whether you’re practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu gi or sparring, consider your safety. If you think there’s a chance you could suffer a serious injury, tap out. Even if you lose the struggle, never jeopardize your health. Wear protective gear, such as a groin guard, if possible.

Strengthen Your Mind

You must also cultivate mental strength if you want to defeat fear, doubt, and the desire to quit. You can learn to calm your mind by meditating.

Conclusive Words

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a combat sport with obstacles, rules, and restrictions. When you practice martial art, you encounter several difficulties. The most evident and frequent issue practitioners encounter is a lack of motivation to train. Make relationships that allow you to participate in possible championships, set short-term, manageable goals, and compete for a sense of accomplishment. Use social skills to cover up your ego so you can practice in a welcoming and professional setting. Being optimistic will help you tackle the issue and succeed in BJJ gi and No gi.

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