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Journey Of Actor Tom Hardy Jiu Jitsu Player

Journey Of Actor Tom Hardy Jiu Jitsu Player

Before 2011, Tom Hardy was only famous as a Hollywood actor. He was an Oscar winner for his mind-blowing acting. During his movie shooting ”Warrior”, he developed an interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He entered the BJJ community and started learning it. Actor Tom Hardy Jiu Jitsu Player became a pro at BJJ techniques that he took little time to tap out the opponent once he was on the BJJ mat.

Biography Of Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy’s actual name is Edward Thomas Hardy. He was born in Hammersmith, London, England, on September 15, 1977. Under the supervision of John Danaher in the ReOrg BJJ Organization, Pedigo Submission Fighting Academy (PSF), he earned BJJ blue belt. 

Currently, he is 45 years old having British nationality. He shows a very clean and fast triangle choke and armbar BJJ style. Talking about his Hollywood career, he gained popularity for his performances in “Venom,” “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises,” and “Peaky Blinders.”

Tom Hardy’s BJJ Journey

Now let’s explore the BJJ journey of Tom Hardy.

How Did Tom Hardy Enter BJJ?

Tom Hardy, Brazilian jiu jitsu player, was preparing for his MMA film “Warrior” in 2011. He played an MMA fighter role in the film. He had to pick up some moves from the martial arts. So, he studied grappling with a grappler. 

He then learned about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at that point. He received his training at ReOrg BJJ Organization. He was so impressed by the gentle art that actor tom hardy kept practicing BJJ long after the film’s filming.

Probably Tom Hardy BJJ enthusiast, would never have started practicing BJJ if it weren’t for the movie. But once he started doing BJJ, he gave it his full concentration. This demonstrates his commitment. He dedicated his life to jiu jitsu.

Royal Marines BJJ Training   

In 2011, actor Tom Hardy jiu jitsu legend, began training with the Royal Marines after becoming interested in BJJ.

ReOrg JiuJitsu Organization

To support people receiving physical and mental assistance, Tom Hardy is a trustee and an advocate for ReOrg Jiu Jitsu. In reality, ReOrg JiuJitsu is a nonprofit set up by Royal Marines. He stated:

“It is an honor to be able to represent the charity and my team REORG and the great work they do supporting the mental health and well-being of veterans of service, military and first responders through the therapeutic benefits of Jiu-Jitsu and fitness training”.

ReOrg Jiu-Jitsu Foundation is basically a non-profit group that aids veterans in learning BJJ, like ex-navy officers or ex-army personnel. This organization was founded in 2017 to enable people to heal physically and mentally. It wasn’t on such a massive scale before that.

He wanted to support those who were struggling with drug misuse because he had experienced it himself. So, he supported the ReOrg’s cause wholeheartedly.

“Addiction is difficult and complex stuff to navigate, as is mental health. Subjects which are both deeply personal for me and extremely close to my heart”.

(Tom Hardy)

Tom Hardy Jiu Jitsu Player Promotion To Blue Belt

After almost ten years of BJJ, he was promoted to Blue Belt in December 2021. He had attained the BJJ technical proficiency required for Blue Belt status in 2021.

Champions of the Tom Hardy’s Gi & No-Gi Open

In August 2022, Tom Hardy emerged as the champion in both the Gi and No-Gi ReOrg Open. He competed in the NoGi Championship at 85.5 Kg and the Gi Championship at 82.3 Kg. In each match, he took home the gold.

The ReOrg Open Championship is a competition built on a nonprofit that supports military veterans. Actor Tom Hardy BJJ devotee, has supported it since the beginning of his career in jiujitsu.

The referee for the ReOrg Open Championship, Mohamed Itoumaine, was astounded to see a well-known Hollywood star compete in a BJJ match. Although Itoumaine had no idea how good of a fighter Tom Hardy was, he was left dumbfounded after watching him perform. Itoumine did not anticipate that successful and famous celebrity Tom Hardy would return to the sport after his first BJJ match. However, his firm commitment to BJJ inspired him to return, and he participated in the Milton Keynes Championship.

Tom Hardy and Danny Appleton competed in the ReOrg Championship. Like Tom Hardy, Danny Appleton is a veteran of the military and a member of the ReOrg program. They both participated in the BJJ Gi division semifinals. Tom Hardy used an armbar to force Appleton to accept defeat. He managed to escape Danny Appleton’s Triangle and Cross-Collar Chokes. 

Hardy has a 4 striped Blue Belt in BJJ, which he earned after ten years of training, but his skill level competes with the BJJ Black Belt.

Milton Keynes – Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Milton Keynes Brazilian Open Jiu Jitsu Championship featured (covert) Tom Hardy. The Ultimate Martial Arts Championship (UMAC) held this competition. He kept it under wraps because this news was related to the well-known celebrity, which may upset fans. Only the organizers were aware of it, and they kept it a secret as well.

Tom Hardy and BJJ Blue Belt Andy Leatherland squared off in the match. Due to the talent of both grapplers, the BJJ match was difficult. Tom Hardy succeeded in jiujitsu gi by putting Andy Leatherland under a leg lock submission. Leatherland couldn’t believe Tom Hardy was standing in front of him as his opponent.

Actor Tom Hardy BJJ Passion

When he first started BJJ in 2011, he was unaware of the abilities that would make him a superb grappler. He became immediately inspired by gentle art as he concentrated on BJJ. He never ceased practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu despite his hectic schedule. 

As previously mentioned, he trained in BJJ in preparation for the film “Warrior”. Not just in The Warrior but also in “The Dark Knight Rises” as “Bane” and in “Venom” and its sequel “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” as “Eddie Brock,” Tom Hardy demonstrated his BJJ expertise.

With his razor-sharp talents, he has outpointed and defeat his opponent in seconds. He is so skilled and quick with his movements that he can armbar his opponent in a matter of seconds. Andy Leatherland, his opponent at the Milton Keynes Brazilian Open Jiu Jitsu Championship, was unaware he would face Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy successfully submitted Leatherland, and the session went quite easily.

“He did not say a word, he did not say anything. I made a mistake, and he capitalized on that. He absolutely nailed it, and he subbed me, and it was over relatively quickly”.

(Andy Leatherland after losing Match)

Despite holding the highest position in Hollywood and becoming a BJJ champion, Tom Hardy is modest.

“Simple training has been fundamentally important for me (as a hobby and a private love) to develop further a deeper sense of inner resilience, calm, and wellbeing.”

(Tom Hardy)

Despite only having a Blue Belt, Tom Hardy has already won three gold medals and seven matches through submission due to his strict training regimen. He did not stop there; he also rose to the top of the acting world. Instead, he toiled for ten years to get his Blue Belt by improving his grappling skills. He found it challenging to pursue two occupations at once, but he persisted in staying in BJJ.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do any other Hollywood celebrities practice BJJ except Tom Hardy?

Along with Actor Tom Hardy BJJ practitioners include Keanu Reeves, Robert Pattinson, Nicholas Cage, Scarlett Johansson, and David Bautista. BJJ is no longer a combat sport in the conventional sense. BJJ is well-known throughout the world.

2. Does Tom Hardy Have Good Grappling Skills?

Even though Tom Hardy only holds a BJJ Blue Belt, he has 11 years of experience in the sport. After earning his Blue Belt in 2021, he started competing in 2022.

Final Words

Actor Thomas Hardy has earned a reputation as a BJJ champion. He has seven submission victories. At the ReOrg Jiu-Jitsu Championship in 2022, he earned two gold medals. He serves as a trustee for the ReOrg Foundation, which helps former service members.

After seeing Tom Hardy compete, we can say that determination and willpower, rather than age, are the most significant ingredients for success in life. He did exceptionally well at the Milton Keynes Brazilian Open Jiu Jitsu Championship, which astonished everyone.

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